Training in Roppongi

Does anyone have any ideas around the Roppongi area for BJJ, MMA or general sub grappling? Just looking for some warm bodies and a mat. Closer is better, no gi is preferred.

Thanks in advance, I know you guys get a lot of these requests.

Someone in conversation said there was a Gracie dojo in Roppongi,..all I know sorry.

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Isn't Killer Bee somewhere around Roppongi?

I was there a month ago and remember seeing a sign across the street from Don Quiote (sp?) and alittle wasy up teh street towards the main crossing offering mma I think. I remember thinking to myself that the classes in that location must be -not cheap- I didn't go in but it was the second floor I think.

I checked out Fight Club in Roppongi and it was only boxing, kickboxing. The number is 3408 2039 if anyone is interested. It's across from Don Quixote as was said, on the main street which crosses Roppongi Dori.

Body Check Gym in Azabu might have JJ classes.