training in Sarasota??

anyone know any good places to train around there?

Check out the locations portion

Evolution Martial Arts located at 3372 S Mccall Rd, Englewood, 34224 I THINK THIS IS CLOSE

Yep thats what is inlcuded in our website Mike Lee teaches there and runs an affiliate of us, check em out

Whats up Jason,
I hope I can start training with Mike again when we relocate in a few months. I heard he has a bad ass facility. When are you fighting again? I heard you wrecked shit when you guys went to Iowa.


whats up Jim, mike's facility is pretty cool we are getting a cage in like a month so we got it all up in g-ville we have about 50 guys training so its a big change. Yeah Iowa was a good time....When you moving to Sarasota and why?