Training in the metro Detroit area

 So I will be in the Mt. Clemens/Clinton Twp area from 12/24-1/2. Anyone know of a good school that will let you drop in a class or two during this week?

I think there is a De La Riva brown belt that teaches out that way. And there is also East Side Combat Club w/ Brendan Seguin and Vance Swerdin (Sp?) Not sure which is closer...I'm not too familiar w/ that area.

mma schools:
eastside combat club-clinton twp (15mile and gratiot)
4 aces-clinton twp (15 mile and harper)
naama karate-clinton twp (17mile and garfield)

the de la riva brown or black belt that angelo mention isnt far from that area he is in shelby twp (m-59/mound?)...i believe that just a bjj school but never been there

also if u just look n 4 bjj-jamals in clinton twp (16 and groes)

My team :) Motor City Boxing, inside Self Defense Acadamies of Michigan. between 18 and 19 mile on Hayes. 810-488-2872

o yeah sorry dom forgot about SDAM

yea, you damn right your sorry. lol.