Training in the morning...

Anyone from the Spartans gonna be training in the morning? I'll be at the gym in the morning, and if anyone's gonna be there, i'll bring my gear. I'll be getting there at about 7:30ish

There should be a few of us there at about 10:30 or 11:00 for a team workout. Usually Chris, Tommy and Marcus are there about that time.

preciate the headsup on that. can't fit that into my schedule, but i'll have to see wut i can do. preciate the word. peace out.

samuel's at 11. So far we have a couple people lined up. Make it Leif, I wanna drill some stuff from "Mastering the Tweeestaaah".

i will be back up next monday,weds,and fri mornings at 6:30.

at spartan?

anyone training next week at samuels in the mornings?

I'm down Joey. I'm only good for rolling and being a punching dummy...but I'm in.

Not sure about Sammuel's. There's usually someone there around 10-11 in the morning though. I'm going to be game for 10 or 11 this Friday, for whoever is interested.

mon-wed-fri there is always a few of us at Samuel's at around 10:30.

Speaking of this, Samuel has requested that those of us who use his gym on a regular basis pay some sort of mat fee. Philip told us this last week and we all kinda agreed to chip in for Jaunuary...

Apparently he wanted something for December too and Phil went ahead and paid him. In summation, if you are training this month at Samuel's please feel free to throw a few bucks at Phil since he already paid for us.

btw, we will be up there at 10:30-11 today. Just doing keyboard warrior BJJ, not any real fighting. Any of you pussies out there that are down for this should show up.

I'LL be doing some fighting, if anyone is interested. P's are still welcome, but you will get pounded.

Also, the "mat fee" is not like it's $10 a pop or anything like that. We are kind of "renting" unused space. Give me a call.

P'S are still welcome? good, then the UG's favorite keyboard warrior/pussy will be in the house! You can try to pound me, but if you do, I will go Babulu on you when I lock in the

btw, you are posting way earlier than usual this morning, baby awake?

I'm always up at 0400-0430. are almost on my schedule bro. up at 2:30

So is the morning training still going to happen tomorrow? I'm not getting up that early if I don't have to. I plan on being at Samuel's around 10 AM tomorrow anyway.

keith, I will be at samuels shortly after 10. see u there.

Just in case I forgot to mention: park in the grass or on the FAR right side of the parking lot. The gym caters to the rich, and they get the good parking!