training in Toms River NJ area??

gonna be in the Toms River area this coming weekend and was wondering if there are any good places to train in or around Toms River. won't actually be staying in TR though...will actually in be Manahawkin visiting family but I lived in TR as a child so I'm still semi-familiar with the area

Kurt Pellegrino has a school in Toms River.

Danny Ives teaches a sunday morning class right on East Bay ave in Manahawkin inside the All American Karate school. Classes start at 11am. Danny is an awesome instructor, anyone can learn a lot from him.

Does Danny post here? Or does anyone have an email address or website for him so I can get further info?

Kurt Pellegrino is TOP NOTCH. I'd highly suggest training there.

Danny posts here as Danny Ives or you can send him and email at tinydog80@aol, or I can give you more info if you need it.

thanks for the tips...gonna try to hit up one of these places