Training in utah?

I curently live in Ventura and love the place i train at. But i am moving to Provo Utah in a week for college. I was wondering if anyone has any info on a good place to train BJJ or muay thai?

BYU wont have it, son. Hang it up. (I used to live out there)

I hear there is a gym run by some guy named Jeremy Horn, I hear it is okay but I haven been for almost 2 weeks, so he probably thinks I joined up at Ultimate Combat or something:)

UVSC also had Muay Thai classes for a while, not sure if they still do.

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Hey BALLSDEEP did you have a problem with BYU when you were there? did they not want you to train? i dont see why thay would care.

Jeremy Horn has a place in Utah? where is it? i thought he was in Iowa.

Horn's been in Utah for a while now.

Do you how to find his school?

Dirt Mc Grit,

shoot me an e-mail at and I'll give you the information you need.

His gym is still brand new, but is coming together great. It will be about an hour from provo......

Pay no attention to Kiever, his wife had a baby (congratulations), but it looks just like Jeremy Horn, and can even do the butterfly guard and plays video games in the splits position.

also in SLC is Muay Thai Institute - one of the best Muay Thai schools in the USA.

A guy named Michael Pease teaches jiu-jitsu and mui thai at both UVSC and BYU. He's a JJJ blackbelt and is really, really well rounded and a good teacher. the classes are basic, but lots of good grapplers usually attend and then stay after to roll.

In Provo there is also Pedro Sauer. In Lindon (just north) there is a pretty good team under Paul Tom (he was under Sauer, but they had some dispute or something). I don't think he's all that great, but there are some good guys there. In Salem (just south a bit) there is a really good Paul someone who teaches BJJ, striking and MMA.

In Salt lake there are several gyms, including the Ultimate Combat Training Center that puts on weekly amateur MMA fights at local bars. If you're pretty into this stuff, you could give it a shot. Lots of really shitty fighters show up (and a few really good ones).

Anyway, I'm pretty much always putting together a group of guys to roll. We are all pretty average but we train our asses off. If you ever want to meet up, e-mail me at


Salt Lake and Provo have some great training options. Unfortunately, there are no options at USU up north where I moved to =( Really missing training.

true, true, true ; )

The really important question is... Why would anyone want to go to BYU? Did the insane asylum kick you out? BYU is to the college experience what prison is to freedom.

As long as you HAVE to be in Provo, you should check out Pedro Sauer's school in Orem.

Go Utes!

Tulkas - Whereabouts do you live?


Right now I'm in the Provo area, until I finish school, then we'll head back up to SLC.