Training in Vancouver, BC

I will be going to Vancouver, BC to visit my father in the hospital. I might be there for about 5 days. From Feb 15, 2009 - Feb 21, 2009I am looking for a club to train out of. Interested in drop in class.
Interested in training in BJJ, MMA, Knockdown Karate/Full Contact Karate, Muay Thai/Thai Boxing, or Boxing.If you guys can list the location, time of class, telphone #, and email address if possible. I hope to catch up on my training/learning as much as possible.

So many good high end clubs in Van. couldn't begin to select one. I guess it depends on how close it needs to be to you, do you have transportation and whatnot.

Adam Ryan (Dynamic)
Marcus Soares (Soares Jiu Jitsu)
Tim Sheers (Gracie Barra)
Revolution (Bibiano, Pele etc.)

These are just the four that jump out at me. There is literally dozens more.

I will be driving a rental car. So not a problem with transportation.

More concern with parking, and location. I haven't lived in Vancouver for over 15 years. So I can't remember where everything is located.

If you google any of those clubs their site will come up and you can map quest the directions.

rvboy - done. I just thought there might be some club/training group that doesn't have a strong web presence that I might have missed. I don't know what my schedule will be like. So the more places that I know of; the more chance of me getting some training in.

Those clubs I named are the most serious clubs in Van with a real presence. All instructors are legit with credentials coming out of the ying yang.

I am not able to get a rental car from Seattle to Vancouver, so more than likely I will be choosing the club base on ease access from Public Transit

I am hoping to be able to train at Gracie Barra Vancouver tonight. It's only 10 minutes by bus from Vancouver General Hospital, and is really close to the Sky Train.

Class starts at 6:00 pm and ends around 8:00 pm that gives me plenty of time to go see my father and take my mom out for dinner.

I hope to post more about my training next day.

Let us know how it goes. Keep us posted I'm curious to know your impression of each club.


Hi Rvboy,

I left a message for 3 other clubs to email me, I guess they didn't have a chance to email me yet. Unfortunately I will be leaving on Thursday by Greyhound in order to catch my flight out of Seattle on time.

I will be heading back to Gracie Barra tonight to do some no-gi training, and a little bit of boxing.

Check out Dynamic MMA. It's right across the street from Oakridge Centre and it's like a 10 min bus ride from VGH.

For straight up boxing, check out Location is in East Vancouver!

If you're in Richmond, check out Apex Martial Arts.

Milo is a really cool guy and the gym has a very friendly vibe.

I like to thank Professor Tim Shears and all the instructors and students of Gracie Barra Vancouver to allow me to train at your club.

Appreciate your generosity and warm friendly atmosphere.

Mong Phu
Fusion Mixed Martial Arts

Sounds like you found a good bunch of guys.

Keep up the great training