Training in Vancouver

I know this topic has been mentioned before, but the thread slipped into the archive threads..

anyway, moving to Vancouver soon, and just wondering if there is anything good in the West End? Boxing, mma, bjj, anything really...


Golden Lion Gym is on Commercial Dr, I just trained there with Denis yesterday.Good group of guys and you won't get any better BJJ trining then with Marcus and Denis!

i've moved away from van,,but while i was there i trained at creative fighters guild,,,they cover jeet kune do,,and bjj,,and boxing,thai boxing etc. They cover everything and they're a good bunch of guys,,,,find their number in the book,,,,,or call trevor clarckson at 278-6663,,or talk to Tim Shears,,he's in the west end

If your in the downtown core. Check out Cocoon Athletics. On the corner of Granville and West Hastings. A really cool bunch of cats. No egos just some good training. 5 purples, lots of blues and a wack of white belts. Call Tim at 604-733-0355 or check out The offer Boxing, KickBoxing, BJJ, yoga, and circuit classes. Also a nice weight room and even a Massage Therapist to help with the aches and pains. If your into the MMA scene its best too check out Denis Kang. I know Tim sends some of his guys there to train. Best of luck in your search.

Marcus is a great teacher, I got to take a class with him and found his instruction top notch.

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hey deeper check out universal martial arts 1256 granville st (downtown) we have just opened, we have master song teaching muay thai and john kefallonitis machado jiu jitsu rep call 604 684 0991 or check out

New Gym in downtown, Universal Martial Arts, looks very, very cool.

Professor Marcus Soares- you have the real deal right in Vancouver- why go anywhere else? If you want to learn BJJ go to Professor Soares- if you do not believe me check then out his students- Kang, Valdo, Stef., Adam, Tony, the list goes on...


Vancouver has come a long way in the last 10 years. I was looking at the above stated web pages, I like to see new clubs. I remember when there was about 10 clubs in Van and 6 were tae-kwon-do.

deeper, I traind with Marcus and it was a good enviroment for me. Vancouver has many good teachers,Denis, Tim or John. You have to look at them all.

I would also recomend the clubs mentioned above.


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marcus isn't downtown though right??

marcus and denis teach out of gold lion muay thai which is just a 5 minute skytrain ride out of downtown.