Training In Water......?

it may just be cliche in movies but we recently moved into a new house with a pool and i thought, what the hell, if we have it i may as well work on my shadowboxing while im in the pool.

Does it really do anything different? Is it better, worse? Anything i should concern myself with? Or am i just wasting time?

thanks in advance.


I'm by no means an expert, but I think it will help. After all it's just added resistance, but in the case of water, you don't have a chance of high injury.

I'd imagine it will increase your endurance and maybe make the strikes harder.

I say try it out for a while and let me know. The only downside I can possibly see is maybe losing your form, but I doubt that too.

rocky "the italian stalion" balboa didn't do it so it must not be good.

i train in a pool maybe once a week or every two weeks. theres alot you can do with a pool. especially sometimes when i travel for work, theres cardio machines and a pool, but no weights.

bottom line = be creative. try experimenting doing various kicks and punches in the pool. I do lengths of the pool doing single kicks, combination kicks, and punch/kick combos. I also practive judo sweeps, "uchikomi" entries, even single leg and double leg motions (easier on the knees!).

my condo pool is about chest deep the entire length, but if you have a deep and shallow end, you'll have to find the best part to use.

I also sometimes swim sprints, in between my sets of kicks, punches, or grappling moves. finally to finish off my pool workout, i do 3 exercises: 1) rush and push away against the wall of the pool, 2) tricep dips in the corner, 3) sitting at the edge of the pool -- legs in the water -- V-ups. The water adds resistance.

I think one can do lots of interesting exercises in a pool. Just be aware that water gives a very special type of resistance usually not found outside of it. That´s why functional strength training for swimmers is so hard.

JCJ thanks alot for the tips!!!

thanks everyone for the responeses....

i fucked up my foot doing some kicking combos and landed with too much of my instep so im gonna take a break from the thai bag (with that kicking leg at least) and still want to get good training in on that leg without having to kick the bag.