Training In Water......?

it may just be cliche in movies but we recently moved into a new house with a pool and i thought, what the hell, if we have it i may as well work on my shadowboxing while im in the pool.

Does it really do anything different? Is it better, worse? Anything i should concern myself with? Or am i just wasting time?

thanks in advance.


It will make you more dangerous than you had ever imagined Thai

This is something that I like to gives resistance on both the extension and retraction of the kick, or punch. If you have a weight bearing injury you can be partially supported by the water at the same time that you are resisted by it. Your footwork will get more explosive...however there are some oddities, i.e, if you step and punch in neck high water the punch will be much faster than the step. So really you have to practice the techniques standing still, and the footwork separately. I also like to practice with my snorkel on, completely submerged, or you can do the hold your breath like the tv dude. Water training is also good if you have bruising on contact points ie, knuckles, shin, you get more resistance than shadow boxing, but no impact.
Oh, yeah one more thing... longtime ago, my instructor and i used to go to the ocean, stand in crotch high water and practice thai round and thrust kicks to waist or head high against the pads... it really gave you a sense of accelerating through the kick, plus the added incentive of trying to knock your partner underwater.. in water is probably the most effective training you can do without actual fighting. Water's resistance is like doing twice the work without half of the weight....your speed will become lethal, and your cardio from recruiting other muscle groups will provide another dimension to your training....

Best of Luck...

guys, wow i really had no idea it was that effective, thanks for the encouragment and the information!!

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You can be like the guy at the end of the Subway commercials

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wow!!! i was totally like hoping for those kinds of results!! yeah!!.


I didn't know there any larger bodies of water than sinks in Texas

Texas, i didnt mean the Jared guy. At the end of one the current commercials they show some mexican dude under water shadow boxing. Its funny.

lmfao @ SD Texas actually has some fairly large lakes mane...but too bad i live in FL now, i thought you knew this friend?

SS, lol oh shit, thats right i remember that and now that i think about it some more im pretty sure thats why i thought about it....

plus seein van dam do it in his movies all my life.....