Training in Windsor?

Gonna be in windsor tomorrow night for work. Anyone know of any good clubs in the area?




Try and get a hold of forum member Pacifist, or go to his site

I believe he lives in the area.

BTW, is excellent on shipping anything you order from them and great customer service. I bought a DVD from them and it came fast.

They have a good judo club. I cant remember the name you would have to look at judo ontario web site.

that's the Furukawa club. it's in a plaza on 360 Eugenie St East. it's been three years since i was there, but it was a nice play with nice guys.

Sensei Marcel Dagenais (519) 250-9790

Dave Gomez Academy, 13630 Northline Rd, Southgate, MI.
Just over the bridge (or through the tunnel).


email me at

there are a couple clubs, but you might have to hop the border. I use to train in Detroit.


How was the tournament?


Thanks for the props!


Tripp Academy is that far also.

Mady's is also there. No grappling just stand up

Mady's is good for standup, but I don't think they train that hard on the ground. (I used to train there).

Fuck i didnt know there was any Clubs in Windsor Newfoundland

fuck im behind the times