training league for amateur MMA

Ohio is about to accept a set of standardized rules for amateur MMA. We see this as a great thing and would like to get our local comissions in both NY and NJ to consider similar sets of rules.

In order to do this, we'd like to get some people together to play with different sets of rules. This would NOT be a competition. This would be informal workout sessions, friendly, SAFE and SUPERVISED

That is no injuries, no BS and no egos...

Also, we're trying to get a company to develop the gear, so there might be some free crap in it for you! LOL

If you'd be interested, shoot me an email at

TTT for this! I think amateur leagues are necessary if fighters wanna turn pro. Take a look at Shooto - by the time the guys turn pro they are damn good. The amateur shooto level is sick yo!

I agree.

I think the Amateur Genesis (ZST) and AM Pancrase systems are good too. I think Amateur MMA Leagues give people intrested in competing a chance to start in a less dangerous environment and help them build up skills.

Damn, that is a great idea.


wouldn't the 5000 low level mma shows that happen around the country ever freakin month be an 'amature league'?!


ttt for MMA and Ohio (my home state) helping out ^_^

anything I can do to help let me know. Florida needs amateur MMA BADLY! There are tons of fighters in florida who have no way of getting any AM experience.


TTT, This is great for the sport. I only hope that this makes the front
page of a town newspaper. TTT



Great idea,

We started something simular in Southern California.
We have had 5 amateur tournaments so far.

Check out our web site.

Dear friends,

As most here are already aware, we can not do ANY MMA competition in the state of New York and the state of New Jersey only allows for professional matches. My feeling for a long time has been that this is holding back the growth of the sport. It is certainly keeping the average student from developing skills, the only choice they have had is to turn pro and fight the big dogs from day one.

The state of Ohio has hammered out two sets of rules for amateur MMA. They will be used in Columbus on March 6th at the Arnold Event. While my honest opinion is that we in NY/NJ are a LONG WAY from getting such an opportunity, we do have another option.

We are legally allowed to have training sessions and intramurals on the amateur level. For that reason, I'd like to introduce the Tri-State Area MMA training league. This would be an opportunity for anyone interested in getting some people to work with and maybe even getting some cross training to get together in a friendly environment that will be surpervised and safe.

THIS WOULD NOT BE A COMPETITION. This would be one or two Sundays a month that we could get together and work under different sets of rules. The coaches can provide advice, the students can exchange ideas, and we can all grow together. Please, no egos. This is for EVERYONE's development.

At this time, I would like to offer my gym, at 336 W 37th Street for this purpose. We'd begin in January. It will be free to members of


New York Combat Sambo

San Da Training Systems

American Sambo Association

For reasons of insurance, a small fee (probably $2 to $5) will be charged of those who are not members of the above.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, concerns, etc, feel free to email me at

Thanks so much

David Ross



ttt for FLORIDA!!!