Training Logs/Records

Anyone here not keep detailed logs of their training?
I find it helps my progress immensely when I do. I
keep fairly detailed records of each and every workout,
I record the weight/reps/sets for each exercise I do
and always review them before I do those exercises
again a week later to make sure that I am adding more
weight to the bar and pushing for more reps. Man does
it ever work, I push so much harder to beat myself that
I consistently add 5lbs to the bar every week almost on
my max lifts and get 2-3 more reps with more weight
when I do higher rep sets too.

I'm curious what kind of workout logs you guys keep and
how you find it works. Also if anyone out there hasn't
done this I would love for them to try it and post
their progress on here or on their own thread for us to

I do.

I also include food, and sleep (for quality--monitoring my recovery).

It aids in consistency.

All the best.


I make much better progress when I keep a log. It helps keep me consistent.


I make sure to do it when I try new stuff, and I write down my impressions of it... it helps keep things fun.

i always keep a log now of every lift and how i felt during the workout. I didnt always keep one but when i started then all my lifts went up.

I have found that when I keep a log I am more likly to workout. It is annoying to look in your workout log and see a lot of blank pages. Also a food log will help you keep a tighter control on your diet.