training my son

My son is 7 years old and we've gotten into a pretty good routine of rolling every day for 15-30 minutes.

Today we worked on armdrag if I post on his knee or head. He still needs work on grabbing the lat, good at getting the harness (he uses c-grip because he can barely reach around), and hooks. He then has fun being a human backpack. I try to feed him an armbar but he bails and always tries for kneebar and footlocks.

rest of the time we played open guard and side control escape. gotta say i'm most proud of his hip movement. from any position he always starts an escape with a hip movement.

this week we mixed in some capoeira and escrima for more variety and fun.

this is his p.e. class. he's homeschooling.

You should give some advice on the thread "So i want to teach my little bro.. "

Some training quotes from him.

I try to work on his standup but he just like grappling more. One day I was throwing kicks and he kept catching them. I said "No son, I want you to block my kicks or use footwork to avoid them. "
He said, "Why would I do that? It's an easy way to get the takedown."
Somewhere in the distance Mario Sperry said, "And that'sa what I wanta!"

Another time he hit the octapus guard on me and took my back. "I call that the 'Wrap Around'!"

sounds fun. i cant wait until my son is old enough to train, or play any
sports with, for that matter

It is fun, more fun than getting my jaw smashed by shoulder pressure because we slow roll (have to because don't want to smash/hurt him) and make games. today we played at handfighting, how to escape wrist grab. also in open guard "don't let me grab your ankles." (we got this from LeoKirby's vid on Aesopian's blog about Marcello hiding the feet)

"Don't let me touch your knee to your nose (stack)!"

I attack the neck, armpits and feet with tickling. Attacking the armpits teaches keeping elbows tight to the body (alligator arms). Defending the foot tickle is like defending the foot lock.

latest blog entry on rolling with JJ

Some pics of training.  JJ working his knee on stomach and 6 # kettlebells


Sounds great!

Last night, my son (2 1/2 yrs old) found Saulo's instructional DVDs I had just got on my desk and wanted watch it! Normally he asks for "Cars" or "Nimo", but he really wanted to watch what he calls "Attacking video"...
He said that he liked the man in black (Saulo) and wanted to know his name. He's already got good eyes! I can't wait to train him.

Very cool!

And your blog looks great!

man that's awesome.

I find that the tickle attacks work very well against adults as well. That's black belt stuff right there.

I thought I made up the tickle thing until I saw Erik Paulson mention it in an interview.

The real reason for this extensive ninja training

Chuckk, thanks!  You'll notice the MMA section and links are just one big reference to BJJ forum and everyone's blogs and sites.


JJ can already slow roll with his 3 yr old sister. He just has to watch out for her headbutts, intentional and accidental.

PS. I case you're wondering if I'm pulling a Todd Marinovich on my son I'm not that bad. If he gets bored we play badminton or legos, that or I line him up against the garage door and play dodgeball with baseballs and basketballs. "MOVE SON! MOVE! DON'T CRY! DON'T DO IT! DON'T YOU CRY ON ME!"j/k

"I line him up against the garage door and play dodgeball with baseballs and basketballs."

use a wrench

"use a wrench"

i will when he has earned his camo belt with tiger stripes