Training near Hillsboro, MO???

I am looking for a place close to Hillsboro, MO or in Jefferson County. I am currently driving about 1.5 hours to my current gym and need to find a place that is closer. Is there anything other than Power Pit?

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Vaghi's in Fenton is not that far from Hillsboro. Real close to the Chrysler plant.

I'm actually in Dittmer and am looking for somewhere that is a little closer than an hour away. I currently train in St. Charles which is about 90 mins. I guess I will have to do what I can.


 I used to live in dittmer and worked in Fenton. Vaghi's is about 30 minutes away and there is a gym called 21st century martial arts in Pacific, which was about a 15 minute drive the time I went to check it out.

 Just started training at The Boxing Gym in Arnold, MO since it is right down the road from work...

Is that Berger's new place?


Try DeSoto MMA

I live in Hillsboro myself.