training neck at commercial gym?

shawns has recently joined 24 hour fitness. My ankle is fractured and I can't do BJJ so I figured I'd try out this whole weigh lifting thing.

Anyway I want to do neck flexion/extension exercises but 24 hour fitness is gay and they don't have that hammer neck machine or even any tubing or cables there.

I know I can just use bw but I want to add resistance. What to do?

My neck gets a good workout from scanning MILFs.

Keep it slow & controlled for the first few days so you don't give yourself whiplash.

lol O toddsenery work out from scanning MILFs


lmao@ curls in the squat rack

I will check the sporting goods store for a neck harness.

I'm thinking of supersetting neck extensions with tricep kickbacks. I need to be shredded by Summer.

Jason L is correct, I very rarely do my neck in the gym, it gets nough work from doing bridges in class.