Training partners in Bloomsburg

Hi, I am in search of some training partners in or close to Bloomsburg PA. I have a place to work out at, but very few training partners. Anyone close to Bloomsburg that is interested?

What do you train in? What kind of place do you have to train? Also someone in the UG posted a thread about amateur kickboxing in PA he said the he was located in Bloomsburg, you might wanna check that out.

Thank you for your input. We do most aspects of MMA. Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, jiujitsu, drills...etc,etc. The place I have available to me is a martial arts school(traditional) with 2 fully matted rooms, and also a wrestling room at BU from time to time.

As far as Imam, I know him and he occasionally works out with us.

Ok sorry I could not be of more help, However I am not to far away, I do not have much time to train right now, but when I get more time maybe we can train sometime.

That would be great Machine. Let me know.

When i'm back in PA, i live about 45 mins from Bloomsburg...i'd be willing to do a seminar up that way. Let me know if you are interested