Training partner's in Tas?

Hi all,I am after some training partners for MMA in Launceston,Tasmania,training in boxing,muay thai,greco roman and freestyle wrestling and BJJ,please reply if you are interested,thanks James.

Are you the guy who made this thread a couple of months ago? If not, hook up with the other guy.

'training in boxing,muay thai,greco roman and freestyle wrestling and BJJ'

And why not judo????

Don't you have a new BJJ Brown Belt down there somewhere?

Also is Justin Crawford still down there? If so catch up with him as he was a great amature boxer!

Hi,Thanks for the replies guys,Yes i did advertise
here for training partners a few months ago and i
will probably do an advert in the paper in the new year
but thought it was worth another try on here first.
To answer the questions No,i don't know of any brown belt
in BJJ down here and i don't know justin crawford either
unfortunately,also i have no problem with Judo,it's just that i don't know any,lol,anyway thanks guys,cya James.

Did you hear the joke about the guy who moves to Tassie and his neighbour comes over to welcome him to the Apple Isle.....

Starts telling the new guy about all the wild parties he has and invites him to attend the next one. Tells him all about the food, the alcohol, the drugs, the music, and the SEX!!!! A veritable free for all of no holes barred action!!!!

The new guy is impressed! 'Wow' he exclaims, 'How many people usually come to these parties?'

The tasmanian gives him a blank stare?!?!? 'People?, No, it'll just be you and me mate?' he says suprised?

Good luck finding a training partner LOL ;)



I'm sure someone on here said there was a new brown belt in BJJ in tassie that was competing at the Pans. Ask around about Justin he represented Australia at at least 3 Olympics (mabey even 4) and has won Australian Titles from Middleweight to Heavyweight. Ask around the boxing scene, i'm sure everyone will know him. Also go to a boxing fight and ask about the trainers and where they train.

Keats is correct, but he (Minol) teaches in Bellerive, which is like 2 hours drive from where James is.


Hi,thanks guy's,and thanks Gerald,i enjoyed the joke
It certainly is like finding a needle in a haystack
finding guys to train with down here.I will ask around
the boxing gyms etc and see what happens,thanks guys
enjoy your training cheers James.

In Launceston you might like to try BJJ at the University of Tasmania with Arpad Tapp. You can find his contact details at

There has been an emphasis lately on more no-gi and MMA style training. Training is Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday and commences for the new year around January 4th.

You guys are doing MMA style stuff? Nice.

Hope things are well, and Merry Christmas to all.

Yours in jiu-jitsu