Training Partners inSchaumburg, IL

I just moved here 2 weeks ago. I'm looking to find a few good training partners who are willing to train hard 3-5 days/wk. Heavyweights are preferred(as I'm 280lbs) but I'll take anyone from 180 up. Actually, any weight is fine, so long as you're willing to go.

Also, if anyone knows of somewhere to train in the area, that would be great. I'm semi-limited since I'm traveling by foot, but I'll have a bicycle eventually and then my radius can increase to 10-15 miles or so.

LMK if anyone is interested, please.

Keith Hackney has a school in that area. Look him up. They have a good school and work both standup and ground there.

I know of Hackney's school. It's a bit far and, to top it off, I contacted him about training there and he never bothered to get back to me. I guess he doesn't want any new business.

ttt for ya. welcome to the burbs.



Tough go on foot, Jeff. Curran Martial Arts is in Crystal Lake and there is BJJ in Des Plaines. Down to 280... ey? Good luck.

Jeff, not to make excuses for him, but he does work a real job (installing A/C and what not) full time. I'm sure that given the time of year it is, he's probably getting his ass kicked.

Try calling again. He is a really good guy and I seriously doubt that he'd purposely blow off anyone expressing an interest in training. Good luck.

Yeah, Joe, I'm tiny these days. Funny thing is, when I was bodybuilding, I always lost too much muscle when dieting. Now, when I'm trying to make 260ish without as much regard to muscle loss, I finally get to the point where I lose bodyfat and maintain(even gain) muscle. WTF?

I found a dude on the internet, Tim Tokarz. He does MT out here and in Chicago. Have you heard of him? Would it be worth my while to give him a call to start training MT with him?

I'm not real sure of the area but Gilbert grappling might not be far .

Gilbert Grappling is about 40 miles away. If I was in my hometown area, then I would absolutely be with them, but I'm not, so....

You're right, Jeff... Tim Tokarz teaches at Absolute Fitness & Martial Arts in Chicago... and right in Schaumburg. Good catch! He is a member of the Thai Boxing Association of the USA and the Minnesota Kali Group. You can reach him at 773-736-6027 or but you probably already have his contact info. Watch your legs, Jeff, Tim is known for chopping down redwoods without an axe.

Jeff what exactly are you looking to train? I am always out in Schamburg since I go to school there. I could train with you :) Just need a place to train :(

Yeah Jeff,

Tim Tokarz is some real bad as-sheznezts. He is the real deal, and funny m.f. too.

Tell him the old man Dave Rogers said so.


where is the jiu jitsu school in des plaines?

Jeff, Your boys from Eastern (wrestlers) are making the drive to train at my gym on Tues. and Thurs. It's been real cool having them. I'm doing a show in June, and i would like to offer you a fight for the Title. I'm having the Tilte Belt Custom made. I find out when the exact date is Monday or Tues. My number at the gym is 217-429-2269. My number at home is 217-425-1571. Jason Reinhardt

drift - It was in a church hall basement off Route 58 when I was last there.

joseph do you have more information as i might train there this summer


Hit me at

I live in Rolling Meadows, which is next to Schaumburgh.

Good luck trying to find a replacement for your last training partner...i hear he was a real badass ;)

OH yea and I already talked to jeff about your show Jason

drift -- It's called Champion Jiu-Jitsu, as referenced in an earlier post. Assou Hamdaoui(?) is the instructor. I was there a few times over the summer of 2002 when I worked in Evanston. There was a good mix of students (male, female, small, big, techincal, assertive). Northwestern guys and a pro MMA'er from Wisconsin made the trip for his training.

KNabs -- You still fighting? No on beat up on Gerlick better then Ebersole. Is the infamous Kim still at EIU?

JeffGerlick -- In a title fight?