Training ratio

G'day all,

just wondering what percentage of their training time everyone allocates to different parts of their game. Though obviously this will vary depending upon your goals and your current game, I was wondering if as a general rule people spend more time training a specific area.

Does, for example, the increased technical range of BJJ and ground fighting mean that people tend to devote more of their time to this area, or is it all relative to the individual??



Tim Jones.

I am only training BJJ and wrestling right now. I train BJJ 4-5 times a week and wrestling 1-2 times. Next year, I will add back Muay thai training. I train more BJJ because I wanted to focus on training it. I did find that focusing on it my game compared to the times when I trained 2-3 times a week.

A lot of it comes down to preference, following by training goals. I enjoy groundwork the most, so that's what I focus on. But I want to fight MMA in the next year again, so I will have to get back into a striking and clinchwork mode very soon.

It's good to rotate your emphasis from time to time, just so you don't get bored and burned out. For me, that can be just switching from gi to no-gi, but it can also be stop grappling all together and do straight boxing or Muay thai for a few months. Then you're hungry to get back on the ground. Or vice versa.

I agree with JRockwell. Do what you enjoy.

Cheers, guys.

I totally agree that you're best off focusing on what you enjoy in your personal training.

What I was mainly thinking of was when setting time for group training. I know some gyms have seperate sessions for stand-up, bjj, etc, but in the context of a MMA or MMA-based self defence group session, I was wondering if it was usual for people to spend more time on a particular range or aspect; particularly for beginners.