Training Savate in France' article

Training Savate in France

This was for the ARSIC newsletter from about 4 years ago. Its really reads more like a travelogue piece, but I thought some folks interested in Savate would enjoy reading it.

While at the site, feel free to check out the Savate area and see a quick clip. That's my wife, who has fought Savate and was part of the USA Team to Belgium in 2002. She’s not training anymore, since she’s carrying twins. :-)



ttt for Armando's wife and savateur twins

sweet, always wanted to do some savate

What a coincidence, I was just reading that the other day...... :-)


The French...

Such a peculiar race

It's said they can box with the feet

And fuck with their face!

said with a very pre-Victorian British accent



But its true!

On the topic of savate, does this still form a significant part of the modern SBG curriculum? I borrowed Daniel Duby's set off of a friend and am in the middle of watching the series. There are some interesting concepts that I'd like to work on. He seems like a bit of a character.

Anyone know the answer to my question?.......... Anyone? Anyone?

What does it matter?

YOU try it and see if it works for YOU and don't worry about who is doing what. Savate is great for some and not so great for others. Don't wait for ANYONE'S stamp of approval on a martial art if you feel that it has something of value for YOU.

Thanks for the answer and sorry to upset you. I thought this forum was about discussing ideas and I wasn't seeking approval if it came across that way. I'm fairly new to SBG material and just wanted to hear some observations. Beyond seeing the vids listed in the site, I haven't heard much mention of savate. You're right though, some of the techniques in the series I like but others I couldn't see myself using. Other people may have different opinions which I'd be interested in hearing. If you see my first post, I did say that there's some stuff I saw in there that I'd like to work on. Cheers.

Daniel is AWESOME. . .and yes, he really is a character, in every good sense of that word.


LOL!! You didn't upset me at all. I was just stressing the fact that, while the SBG material is great, let YOU be your own guide. Even if Duby's Savate is part of SBG curriculum, it doesn't matter if you can't use it. On the other hand, just because they may not use it, it doesn't matter if it works for you. You still have to see what fits you.

People follow Dan Inosanto blindly and study whatever he studies. Usually from whoever he studies from as well. This is an ignorant, closed minded approach. Only with a truly open mind unclouded by any preconceived ideas can you see the possibilities and see things just as they are.

I used to hate Savate, but eventually came to love it and I use it alot now. Enjoy.