Training schools in Toronto

Hi there my fellow Canadians,

I just moved back to Toronto from L.A., for good. Yeah, I know I'm crazy, going to miss that great sunshine!!

Anyhow, I would like to start training in BJJ and MMA again soon and wanted to check out a few schools so I can decide which one will work for me. I live in the Scarborough area, but can and will travel for a good school. If you guys have school addresses and tel numbers, that would be awsome.

Please feel free to e-mail at:

Thanks and I look forward to training out here!


I went to Karma and enjoyed their classes.

If you don't mind drive there is also Esfiha in Niagra.

But that is all I can talk about since I have not met anyone else yet there.

Did Mayra Conde move, too?

Olga, I've mentioned Shah Franco's to you before,
check it out my dear.

3385 Yonge St.


BJJ, MMA and other fun stuff.

Welcome home!

Check out .

Victoria Park and Gordon Baker. Right in the border of Scarborough.

you should check out kata(kombat arts)
excellent bjj/mma training, well worth the drive
to mississauga.
for class schedule/times. is down at the present time..sorry

Karma Martial Art- Team Nova Uniao
190 marycraft
woodbridge ontario
(highway 7 and marycraft)
905 856 0347
BJJ Black Belt instruction/thai boxing/ 20 ft ring

mon 7-8 gi beginner 8:15-9:30 adv gi

tues 8:30-10 no gi

wed 7-8 beginner 8:15-9:30 all levels

wed 12-1:30 afternoon

thurs 8:30-10 no gi

fri 12-1:30 afternoon class

sat 12-2 gi all levels

Those who join BJJ unlimited program also get Thai boxing added to the membership for no addtitional cost

TTT for Karma. Yes, I am biased but check it out for yourself. (Woodbridge)
I also heard good things about Rebellion! Thus, TTT for Rebellion. (Scarborough)

All the clubs mentioned are good ones. Sounds like Rebellion is closest.


olga you have mail!
welcome back!

Ha. I bet Karma is down because Josh has gone over his account limit for downloading porno again hasn't he?

heh heh heh....

White tiger BJJ is in the downtown core.
570 King street west #102 416 999-2900
Carlson Gracie Team

i miss stables!
i'm gona come visit your club as soon as im' done exams

why did you have to move back here?

Karma also has awsome day classes. You can role with gaypride or is it kpride aka "The Penguin"

sorry Mike I had to.

Don't have much to say to you Mr. Sake, except that I did notice two, yes sir, two spelling mistakes in your post.
1. Awsome 2. Role

This is coming from a guy that approves mortgages for a living? I have great sympathy for BMO.
Oh yeah, I am not the penguin btw.


*dam* spellcheck
I do better with numbers.. really i do..

and who is the penguin??

Who is the Penguin?
Dude, ask me the secret of Caramilk chocolate bar. It will be easier than to tell you the mysterious identity known as the Penguin.

Yep, I think you're crazy for giving up that LA sunshine! Come on by Shah's and check it out; Yonge and Golfdale.