training soreness ?'s

I recently started trining after a four year layoff. I'm now 30 years old. Last night all we did was some light kickboxing and I can barely move. My low back is sore as hell and I think I was doing something wrong because my feet feel like they have broken bones in them.

How long does it take to not get sore after training? I hadn't abandoned all training I have lifted weights and done cardio the whole 4 years. How do you take the pain away the next day?

I don't want to give up on this as I am fired up to train but I don't think my body can handle more than 1 or 2 days a week of this.

act like you are from yelm! you puss,toughen up

lol!just giving you shit. i been out of the state alot and starting to get back in the routine again. im sore to,especially my abs

If you're that sore, take a day or two off. As you continue training, your work capacity will increase and you'll be able to train more without getting quite so fucked up.



And I only call you wuss to motivate you, because if you were in your head about what you wanted to be doing, you'd be up and ready to train tomorrow. At 30, after not training for so long, I can see why you'd be feeling what you felt getting out of bed this morning, and thinkin "ah fuck".

Your muscles, your flexibility, your joints... those are all going to take a beating for your first couple weeks. As far as your lower back... your lumbar and such... heating pads and long baths at night, dude. U"se some of your lady's aromatherapy candles.. hahahaha...

Seriously though dude, this feeling goes away. Stay flexible, treat soreness like an injury (gingerly, take it easy)... this doesn't last long. Also, REMEMBER YOUR WATER INTAKE!!!!!! VERY IMKPORTANT!!!!! Proteins and Aminos are good too, get your hands on some... your body will repair as you provided it the means to. And NEVER underestimate the impact of a solid diet!!!!!

If you're serious about this training thing Yelm, these things all need to be on the same page with each other!!!

I just took 3 midol and I feel a hell of a lot better.

My concern is that being a little older my body won't recover as easily.

Babyboy, where do you train?

home right now. might get some time off of all the traveling and go sign up at a gym. i see that hallman has a place over by evergreen. i'll ask about that next week. my cardio is shit right now and i started smoking again. starting one and quitting another

I have been on the body for life style diet for six years now. Thanks a bunch Ghost. I appreciate your tips.

The older you get the more soreness you'll get. My
advice is get a good supplement that contains
L-Glutamine and also another supplement like
gluccosamine and chondroitan. Those will help
big time.

It was a joke.

I currently take glutamine and I have heard of glucosamine but I have heard mixed reviews.

Glucosamine any good for joint health? Most of the mixed reviews are positive testimonials and negative scientific research. Any body want to give some testimonial evidence?


Midol???? The Body for Life diet????

Stop reading outta your wife's Cosmo subscription. Get yer ass down to GNC, and get on some supps.

Gluta, Gluco, L-Carnitine,.. maybe some dhea and some trib if you're feelin REAL ambitious.

Gluccosamine has been scientifically proven to
increase synovial fluid (joint lubricant) within the
body. Also, like Ghost said Trib, short for
*Tribestan , (I'm guessing as this is the best brand
) is a form of Tribulus Terrestris which will help in
the production of free testosterone within the body.
Those supplements would definitely do the trick!

I currently do creatine and glutamine. BFL is not a womans diet. Midol was a joke. I do not go to GNC they are a huge rip off. is the way to go.

Ex GNC (on Gold card days) Myoplex 42 pack $80.00 vitaglo 46.00. Everything is cheaper there.

I am not worried about my testosterone levels at this stage. Just preventing injuries and decreasing recovery time.

L carnitine? I have read in several places that this supplement does not do much.

I have studied a lot on supplements. Mostly I read Supplement reviews and Muscle Media. Like I said though I tend to be more open to testimonials. I have read a ton about HMB being 2nd best next to creatine but everytime I use it I notice nothing. Creatine worked like magic and still does.

Again thanks for the tips and keep them coming.

Has anybody heard of anything to take before training that will help[ prevent the onset of soreness. I know vitamin c is good anything else?

ttt for more tips on conditioning and pain relief

Another great supplement that you don't hear too
much about is cordyceps. This will definitely
increase your VO2 max and allow you to train
longer by increasing endurance levels!


get a massage from a trained therapist

man up, learn to love the pain and share with others on your find


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