Training/Sparring After Lasik Eye Surgery?

So, I had LASIK surgery done three days ago, but only now discovered PSK surgery and LASEK surgery are supposedly more optimal for someone who wants the surgery but desires a more active lifestyle.  I wish to continue playing contact sports, and at some point train MMA and BJJ recreationally, but am wondering out loud if I'm, well...fucked.

I clearly can't get PRK or LASEK at this point, so PLEASE REFRAIN from bringing that up (redundant and pointless), what's done is done.  

What I'm asking is, for anyone who's had LASIK (previously nearsighted like me preferrably), is pursuing full contact sports or martial arts (MMA, BJJ, wrestling, Muay Thai, hockey, football etc.) still possible/reasonable if you had the flap done (obviously after the full recovery phase)?  I specifcally had the Advance Custom Wavefront Lasik with Keratome, and I had big pupils + amblyopia in both eyes.


You got surgery on the wrong organs bro. You don't hear with your eyes...