Training/ sparring partner in T.O.

Looking for sparring/ training partner for submission wrestling in T.O.
Have space at my house (Yonge/ St Clair area). Like to roll and learn. Also interested in instruction.
Willing to pay for good match/ instruction.
35, 6'5'', 188 here.

Forgot my email:

check out our class on Sunday 10 am at minoru

thanks...wanna roll zeerebel?

Where is minoru?

Minoru is off Queen street near Dufferin. Tall Grappler if you trained gi I'd be game.

Minoru is right on Queen west about a half-block
west of Dufferin St on the north side of Queen.

1290 Queen St., West.


I workout at KATA (Mavis & Burnhamthorpe)and I am always open to train with new people. I am a little heavier (230lbs), but you definately have me beat with your height. I am currently training for sub.grappling. I have a strong background in Greco Roman wrestling, and a little under a year of experience in BJJ under Scott Schilling.

You can contact me at



thanks kashk...prefer no-gi though

Scott Schilling likely trains no-gi as well over his place and he sure offers good quality training. IMO you should look into as many schools you can in Toronto, but don't forget to check out Shah Franco's place. The club is located a few blocks north of Yonge and Lawrence, beside a Cofee Time shop. You will find good instructors and lots of good guys to train no-gi.

thanks pedro

Tall Grappler

We are pretty close to weight but not in height, I am only 5'4"

But if there is parking at your place, I don't mind rolling as long as is safe, and not to competitive.

Check your email. I email couple of nights ago

sent you mail Mong


Check out Shah/Franco's...some of the best in TO train there. i.e. Monkey, Loaf, Marco Costa, Brock Arthur, Antonio Calviho (sp?? Sorry) etc, etc.

TallGrappler keep your eyes open for the new incarnation of Rebellion location downtown, Mark Stables is opening up a gym somewhere on King street, and he has BJJ Black Belt and Canadian Abu Dhabi qualifier no-gi champ Mark Bocek and purple belt Sam Zakula teaching there with him. Downtown that will probably be the best no-gi intstruction and rolling available.

Mark Stables is tall and probably around the same weight.

Bocek does private lessons, worth it for the rolling alone, a bargain because he throws in technique. for great private training.

hey tall grappler my name is steeldragon
would love to roll with you i am getting ready for a few fights in the next three month , i train bjj, muay tai , wrestling , boxing your size and hieght could help me aim 6ft4 210lb
phone 4160726-9074