Training Tips

I just started training (literally just this week!), so I wanted to ask you guys what I should be focusing on first.

I am working on striking and grappling, but I was wondering if anyone had an opinion as to what I should spend more time on. Obviously, I don't plan on fighting anytime soon, but I would like to know if it's better to become proficient on the ground first or on my feet first. I don't have much experience with either, so I have a TON to learn in both areas.

I know I will probably be ripped to shreds for my ignorance here, but I'd appreciate any advice you folks are willing to give.


you looking to "become a fighter" or just get in shape, have fun, learn self defense?


A lot of schools offer kickboxing classes and bjj classes. Some even offer
MMA classes. Have you already found a school?

In all honesty, I've wanted to fight for some time now. It isn't really on my radar at the moment because I'm not stupid enough to think I'm ready. I am trying to get my feet wet right now in order to see if I have the skill set it takes.

Ideally, yes, I'd like to fight in the future

Do you have any skills? Wrestling or boxing?

The basics, the basics, the basics... grappling drills hip escapes, triangle and armbar drills, umpa(bridges, takedowns how to shoot doubles, singles, sprawling, repummeling drill all this over and over and ROLL alot...

Striking, Boxing learn proper stance and throw reps of a jab, cross, hook, uppercut... do rounds of shadowboxing using combos and head movement and hit the heavybag... Muay Thai knees, elbows, round and front kicks reps, reps and reps to understand the motion... kick the heavy bag to harden ur shin, learn the clinch and just do rounds just trying to gain control of it and SPAR SPAR SPAR....

NinjaBoy.......good info, thanks.

if ur trainers dont know some of the stuff check out's%20New? heres a good webiste and its free.. but if u are training at an MMA gym that doesnt go over some of the basics i siad u should check out another gym but good luck in ur training have fun man...