Training Update No. 6

Because I know that so many of you care...

My training is totally back on track now. I still have a little lingering soreness in my right hip flexor, but the pain in my left shoulder is gone. I still try to be very careful with that shoulder, though, as I don't care to create a rotator cuff problem.

To prevent overdoing it again, I'm mixing up my workouts. I'm not running as often as I was. Instead, I go back n' forth between running on the track and riding the stationary bike.

My weight has dropped to 193lbs as of this AM. I've been under 200lbs now for almost 2 weeks. I'm less than 10lbs away from what I want to be my "in-shape" weight (under 185lbs) and only about 15lbs away from what I would want to fight at (were I to do that again) which is under 178lbs.

I am actually beginning to see some definition in my ab's, though my lower ab's are still covered by a layer of fluff, but its a much thinner layer of fluff, now. I still have a little padding around my lower belly, my lower back, my chest, and my thighs. But as I said, its a much thinner layer of padding now...

I took my Muay Thai class out on a 1 mile run yesterday and SMOKED them! For awhile, I was bringing up the rear due to my hip flexor issue, but yesterday, I almost lapped one of my guys! I went on a 1 mile run this AM at the YMCA and completed it in 8 minutes! I was disappointed in the time, actually, because it felt like I was running faster than that. Oh well....

Now my training schedule is moving up to FIVE DAYS A WEEK! For the next month and a half, I will be teaching Muay Thai 5X's a week as I am preparing a number of guys for the King of the Ring VI event in VA Beach in June, and I will be teaching at Radford University's Karate College Seminar the following weekend.

Khun Kao

Way to go! Keep up the hard work, and good luck reaching your goal.

Yukisan: How are you training goals going? lol

Good luck Khun Kao with your training.
Pitynoman(a walking ball of injury)

Khun Kao
Glad to hear you are on track. I enjoy reading how people train becasue it gives me ideas and insite. Also thank you for the email on fighting a counter fighter. It really helped me. I have learned so much from my last fight even though it was Americian style rules. I perfer MT rules.
Again thank you for helping me out and I wish you the best for training and your upcomming competations. Also you have a great book. Thank you for the web links that you posted on the forum.