Training Videos (DVD)

Any chance you will come out with training vids in DVD format. I am sure that they would sell great guns! I would buy a set. Hint....drills as well as techniques would be helpful for neophytes like me. Progression for the retarded I call it.

ttt!!!!!!!!!I would buy a set as well. Highlights of fights and sparring sessions where you use the stuff would be great too.

Good idea...

Yeah that would be great if you could show how you spar and train and get ready for a fight. As well as show highlights of your career, etc. I would buy it for sure.


Enson, please hook this up!

Shinobi is right, show some fight prep and sparring and maybe some commentary on your philosophy. I'd definately buy it. idea......How long should it be? How much could I sell iot for?

Enson, drop me mail at , have just
filmed Roberto Travens instructional DVD and am about to
commence marketing, keen to do some more.


Here is what I would like to see. A "pseudo-documentary" which follows you around during your training for your comeback to MMA. Show us how you train, the drills you do, sparring, your gyms. Talk about your philosophy in both fighting and life. Not so much a "sit down in front of the camera and talk" but more like "lets follow you around and you talk as you go" kind of thing.

And then have another part which shows techniques. What would be cool is if you showed us techniques you have used in real matches. Teach us the technique and then show the clip of you using it in your match. (For example, show how to leg kick at a buttscooting opponent then when you are done explaining cut to a clip of you kicking MInotauro while he was butt scooting.)

You should call it Enson Inoue In: YAMATO DAMASHI.

The documentary part could be around 2 hours and have the techniques part be as long as you like.

I think you could sell it from 20-35 bucks easily.

I would buy it and I know a lot of others would.


How about a Purebred gym instructional/documentary which shows techniques and hightlights of Enson and other Purebred fighters.
Some Ideas:
-Highlights of sparring and instruction on conditioning.
-It could be narrated by Enson
-The cover could be designed by Shocks Graphic Works
-Interviews of purebred fighters

Enson's Japanese doc weas really cool. A similar one in English would be great with maybe some more training stuff.

Something similar to the straight blast gym format, where instructional material is sandwiched between fights and philoshophy. The first Gracie-Kukuk series was great. Technique, then actual fight footage showing the technique. I think I paid 99 for the set on DVD.

TTT for Enson to see...


I'd be awesome to have Purebred fighters like Bow,Kid,Ishikawa,Kato,Hashii,Ozuka,etc. demonstrate their favorite/best two or three techniques.

I agree about the fight prep. Lots of technique stuff out there, not saying I wouldn't buy some more, but I'd be much more interested in training stuff.

Most of all, it should be formatted to play on American DVD players.

I'll buy one for sure!

Hey - and me too.. and alot of viking warriors in denmark would aswell!!!

TTT for Enson


Dunno how many people are aware but Shooto released an Enson vid a while back that was sort of a best of and had some training footage etc. I know its not exactly what you all are looking for but its still cool looking

Enson Inoue: Japanese Spirit
Part 1

Training and Lifestyle

1. Various highlights and training footage featuring Enson Inoue.
2. Egan Inoue comments on his brother's personality and training style in English.
3. Enson Inoue adds more tatoos to his body and feeds his pitbull.
4. Interview with Enson Inoue's parents in English.
5. Mario Sperry vs. Enson Inoue (Abu Dhabi Highlights 2/24/99)

Part 2
6. Enson Inoue vs. Igor Zinoviev (7/7/96)
7. Enson Inoue vs. Mushtaq Abdullah (10/4/96)
8. Enson Inoue vs. Rei Zulu (4/6/97)
9. Enson Inoue vs. Joe Estes (10/12/97)
10. Enson Inoue vs. Frank Shamrock (11/29/97)
11. Enson Inoue vs. Randy Couture (10/25/98)
12. Enson Inoue vs. Soichi Nishida (4/29/99)
13. Enson Inoue spends a holiday in Guam.
14. Enson Inoue teaches submissions to his students.

Gomimaniac....any way I can get a copy of the 2nd tape you mentioned. It has many Enson fights which i don't have. I'd love to work something out if you have one. Anyway...thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Joe in Nebraska