Training with Braces: Advice?

Hey guys

Unbelievably, at nearly 30 tys old, I had to get braces.
They suck and today is the first day...
it's painful, but just as annoying to have shit in my mouth I can't get out.


Anyhow, I got a double sided mouth guard made for braces... it's big and bulky..yuck.
Any advice for training, rolling, striking, etc?


Do not get hit in the mouth.

Actually when I wrestled in Highschool there were some dudes with braces. I remember some used to wax thier braces to avoid it screwing up their lips. Not sure what kind of wax.

Sorry to hear that you have to go through that Chris, but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. All I can think of is to be sure and always wear that mouthpiece even when you dont want to. It would probably one take one accident to really mess up your teeth/ braces when you werent wearing the mouthpiece.


I know people compete in amateur boxing with braces on, so it can't be that bad to get hit in the mouth with them. I think maybe you need to get one of those shock doctor mouthpieces specifically for braces, that might be better for you.

Well, I'll try it out for a while, starting next week.. I'll start with just some rolling (hoping noone goes for a rear choke and cross faces me instead. :)
Face chokes would be bad right now I'd imagine.
Thanks Vince.
How're things with ya anyhow?

I train BJJ and muay thai with braces on my bottom teeth but my mouth piece only covers my top teeth. I got cut up alot at first but it was worth getting use to it cause i hate those big mouth pieces. wax helps too but it always falls off. good luck.

Doesnt shelby walker have braces ?


I trained with braces on for about 2 years.  Your orthodontist should be giving you wax right?  You simply put that to cover up the brackets and it helps big time!  Also, tap early to avoids ripped up lips if you get caught in any sloppy chokes or have someone pressing their forearms on your mouth.  Tell your partners about it too.  It sucks to get them lips ripped up.  Very painful.  A mouthpiece might work too, but I would be worried bout it maybe messing up your braces and knocking a bracket off possibly.


Hey Chris,

Shoot me an e-mail at and I'll catch ya up on personal stuff.

Might want to consider a custom fit two piece mouthpiece. Not sure if you have upper's and/or lowers. The better the custom fit the less liely you'll be to get tore up. Stop by any Dentist's office that studied in a non-3rd world country, and they can hook you up for around $50 to a fancy styled one colors/designs/text for a $200.

Now that you've got braces can I mail you a COOL looking pocket protector and my old military glasses to complete the set?


those were the good ol' days..

my mouth would get alllll tore up

just smile and be sure to spit the blood somewhere where people can't
slip on it..