Training with Bubba


We have a sale until the end of November of this year.
For a set of our new design Kimonos forum members
can purchase them for $120.00 with free shipping
anywhere in the continental United States.

The set consists of one single weave with heavy denim
pants and one double weave with heavy denim pants.
This cost is a wholesale offer so we can get our
product introduced to the market.We also want to
give the forum members a great deal.

For Canada and international orders add $12.50
for shipping.

We hope to earn your business.

Joe Padilla

Wow! The Bubba thread is back. Yahoo!!!

That is great Joe. I wear a Padilla & Sons Kimono and I think that they're great (check the pictures out, I'm wearing it).




LOL... Bubba is Grappling Dummy, not a Fall over in the fetal position karate dummy... :)



How do you like the Padilla Kimonos--I always see you wearing them. I may have to pick one up...

That serious face you have looks like you're really kicking someones ass. If no-one realized it was a dummy, it looks like you're brutalizing some poor soul.

Of couse good to see bubba get his revenge tho....;-)

I really like the Padilla Kimono's. They're a fine fit and the material is as good as any others out there. Joe also offers great service.

That's my magazine mean face... :)


the highly anticipated punches video clip is out!!!

TTT cause my Bubba pics rock... :)


While I have your attention;Scott Sonnon has been accused many times of over-intellectualising the subject matter that he deals with. I'd like to give my opinion on this if I may; What a pile of crap!That about covers it. Scott is approaching materials from a predominately Western point of view, these same materials are usually approached from an Eastern point of view, which has the luxury of explaining tricky points as esoteric and mystical. Scott does not have that luxury and must delve deep into every corner of the English language to convey the specifics of a bloody intricate subject. And I think he and his staff do an admirable job of it.Fraternal -Cilian McHugh

I've seen Relson Gracie cross his legs on an armbar like that. If your opponent doesn't know to rock out of the position, it works great. I like to torture people by crossing and uncrossing my ankles to confuse them on which escape to use. :-)

LOL!!! Haven't laughed that hard in weeks!

Good morning. This thread just keeps getting better.
Yes, Bubba comes in a Gracie Academy gi. Shipping and handling in the continental U.S. is $50. I think Bubba will help your training because you can torture him more than a real training partner. I love to strike and put full leverage into jointlocks and chokes. Bubba allows you to do that in addition to practicing drills, position changes, etc.

Archived? Wow!!!!!! Bubba will be so thrilled that he just might say something. Thanks.

Yes, Bubba comes in a box. Continental U.S. orders come via UPS.

ttt - I love this thread.


Have you gotten your BUBBA an agent yet? I think he would be great in the next CHUCKY movie!! Who needs a midget slasher when they can use the full grown BUBBA as a walking terror machine?!