Training with Don Frye

Hey Fellas,

Just found out what it takes to join the Tuscon Scorpions for all who are interested in trying out. It's a two phase test. The first day you walk into Don's gym, he grabs you by the back of your neck and drives his free hand repeatedly in and out of your face, if you can take that than he drives you to the local bar and has the bartender line up ten shots of Everclear, with which you have 3 minutes to shoot down in succession.

If you can pass those tests your in, just don't lose because then your off the team and you'll have to walk home, no excuses and no complaining. Got to love old school Don Frye.

Ever clear??? Don Frye drinks fucking Whiskey and nothing but fucking Whiskey. He fills his mouth and holds it for a good 45 seconds before drinking it down.

He uses Whiskey to brush his teeth while smoking a fat cigar, all while punching himself in the balls. He does this every morning before fighting his neighbors pitbull.

Don Frye is an old school, hard nosed Mf'er and you better know that before you put on a Scorpions Jersey bitches.

Sierra Vista bitches!!!

olfocker are you in Sierra Vista? My Dad lives there and I would love a place to drop by and train. Is there any one out there with a school?

I was watching one of the IFLs. They were talking about how Frye kicks people off if they lose, and how harsh it seemed. One of the announcers goes ring side while Frye was coaching, and asks Frye to confirm it. Then he says to Frye "well didn't you lose your most recent fight" The Predator looked pissed!