Training with Jake 1st time

Hello All,

I figured I would share my first introduction to Mr. Blauer's system thru one of his students
with all of you.
After posting my interest and inquiring where or who I could hook up with to get introduced
to the system and some of the basic fundamentals. I received a reply from Jake Steinmann.
Before we actually met we exchanged #'s and talked on the phone. We talked for a little while,
Jake told me about himself and some things about the system. I had done the same, explaining
to him some things about myself my training and what I thought about Mr. Blauers's system.
After talking with Jake I felt that he is knowledgeable and not some dingbat. So, we both agreed on
a place to meet, "Brandeis University" (SWEET!) As I was driving down the hi-way I started to
think how I would know this guy when I saw him? Well, as I pulled into the parking lot I noticed someone
in the front of the building doing what looked like some sort of drill.. that must be Jake.
We introduced each other, shook hands and, we were on our way. Unlike most other arts that I have studied this was different. Before we had done anything we sat down on a set of bleachers and Jake
Began. He talked about Mr. Blauer and, he started by asking me my opinion to a series of questions. The questions were based on how would I react in certain situations. While I felt extremely confident with some of my answers, there were 2 or 3 that I had answered and he would reiterate with a suggestion that made me look at a particular subject in a completely different perspective. This lasted about an hour. One thing that I noticed while we were talking was that Jake had given our meeting some serious thought BEFORE we met. He had a note book with my name on it and a list of things that he wanted to accomplish. We talked for almost an hour and it felt like 10 min. Then he asked me to take some notes and he was giving me homework:)
List 5 things that I would loose if I were do die. With guidelines to follow..
Create a directive: A default program for dealing with a confrontation.
3 D's
3 Golden Rules
Those of you that know will understand what I am writing about, those of you that do not understand what I am talking about, hook up with someone within Mr Blauer's system, or order one of the programs.
Then we moved on to a little more of the physical movements.
Non aggressive posture, a series of movements to transfer from a non aggressive posture to palm strikes,
Elbows, face/eye rakes, knee's kicks, this was done by itself, with squats thrown between each movement,
done with a burst or explosive movements, done in a series of broken rhythm. Again those of that know what I am writing about all well and good.
I am sorry for those of you that don't because this is something great that you are missing. We went over a few drills that work the body as well as technique, sit ups with some added movement to spice it up a little.
How to train the body for endurance with sprints. Another thing that surprised me was when we went through the drills Jake asked well, told me to make controlled contact with him, strikes, elbows, knees, kicks a great way to train I LIKE IT.
Well I am sure that I have left some things out but, generally you get the idea. When he had finished
It was dark out We meet at around 6:30pm and worked until dark. . We shook hands and talked about our next get together. I drove home, about a ½ hour drive, and let me tell you it felt like a 5min ride. My mind raced like you can't believe, UNFUCKENBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jake, thank you so much.
I can't wait until the next meeting!
Stay Safe All!

So George, did you enjoy it?



Welcome aboard!

Jake, nice work.

Enjoy...that's an understatement.

I can't stop thinking....I was up till 4am tossing and turning.

Greate to be a part of it all!

Jake also mentioned that it would be to my benifit 100%
to attend the OCT 10 seminar. He mention that the experiance alone will be worth it...

One way or another I will be there....



I always like to read threads like this. You are in for one hell of an experience. Jake has an extreme amount of passion when it comes to Blauer Tactical.
I look forward to meeting you soon. Also, with are in good hands.

Take care,


Thanks Robb, I can't wait to see where this journey
takes me..


To think this wouldn't possible if I didn't persist In
George to join the forum.....As I told you these are just some of benefits!!!!!Glad to hear your training session went well with Jake. Know I am also curious about Mr. Blauer system? Do you have reps. in Florida...Central Florida area? Or are you planning on doing any seminars in this area? I am happy to hear that OpenMinded1 is back in flow of M.A. TraininG!!!! Keep training and Blasting!!!

scjkd ,

Are you close to Gainesville ?

BTW - There MAY be a seminar coming up around northwest Florida ( still in the "idea" phase ). I know it is a bit of a ride but ,hey, there are some beautiful beaches to help take the edge off after a workout. :)

Check out the " Blauer Seminar in Alabama " thread.

Train and Enjoy ,



Yes, your right. I owe you big time for this one.

Check this site out,
If your at work,
Watch out, once you start your not going to be able to stop...



Welcome to the community! You are in for a very interesting ride...


Isn't nice to be able to teach with integrity? Sounds like you did an outstanding job! Excellent...


Please e-mail me at I'll put you on our SE seminar list and keep you updated on developments.


Thanks for making this all possible, as usual.


This is what it is all about. BTW, I am in Florida often with law enforcement courses in the Tampa area 3-5 times a year.


What a welcome..

scjkd (Todd),

Check out the "Mental Edge" Archive read EVERYTHING you will be amazed!!! Some of the post's will plant a seed in your head that will grow like you just had an overdose of "Miracle Grow"

Thanks to everyone!!

Well, Adam gets bonus points for working in a quote
from one of my all time favorite movies :)

It is nice to be able to teach with integrity, yes.
And even more so to be able to teach with true
confidence in the material.

George, I'm glad you had a good time, and I look
forward to our next session.

Scjkd, thanks for spreading the word!

Strength and Honor

KDRay....I will check it out!!thanks!
Eric Cobb....I will e-mail you, thanks!

"Scjkd, thanks for spreading the word!"
jsteinmann, No problem...I am always telling people
about this great site!

"Yes, your right. I owe you big time for this
one"OpenMinded1.....You owe nothing....You have
taught me more about Martial Arts then I could ever repay. Thank you!

Welcome aboard Todd, "its only just begun...."

Jake , cudos my man !


OpenMinded1: Live up to your handle and you will be overjoyed with what you continue to find in the Blauer Tactical material. Welcome!

Jake: Excellent job! Way to keep the bar high so that we all excel.



So glad to hear your experience was such a positive and powerful one. Would you not agree that Jake is both sincere and knowlegeable?

You are indeed lucky to have such a capable young man to assist you on your journey.

It is, after all, your journey. Part of the beauty of the TCMS system is that it inspires you to "Paint your own picture." (See the Zen of Chu Fen article on Mr. Blauer's website.)

Hopefully you and Jake can get a Blauer Seminar going. I had the honor of attending one last year and it changed forever my views on Self Defense and how to prepare for the street. (I have some kind of strange hang up about not filling out my Profile but I have over 30 years experience in several Martial Arts and contact sports. There is nothing out there that compares to Tony Blauer and TCMS.)

Good luck in your training!

Best Regards,



Jake...You Da Man...