training with nerve damage?

long story short, open fracture dislocation right ankle 10 years ago, nerve damage, tore everything except the achilles

i had a brostrom in febuary to tighten up the lose joint and debridement as well. its healed fine but it still hurts the same as it did before the surgery

there are two areas that are very sensitive, the outer knob, and the front part of the ankle below the shin. by sensitive, i mean if its even thumped with a finger, its very intense pain. this is the nerve damage that im told nothing can be done

i asked the surgeon who did the surgery a dumbass question. i asked if after the surgery it would be okay to get a kicking bag, and just keep kickin the shit out of it and hitting those spots that hurt, to try and deaden the nerves.

of course he said that wouldnt be advisable

pain gets old tho lol

so is that a total bonehead idea? im tired of having to be protective of it, and im only 27 (injury happened at 17) so i have, hopefully, a long life ahead. also, if its rubbed right in front of that outer knob, my last two toes go pins and needles bad. shower water raining down on the ankle makes those toes feel like electricity is surging through em.

and for the squimish, take a gander at this pic, 2 weeks post op (wish i would've taken pictures of the original reconstruction from 10 years ago, shit looked wayyyy more nasty)

blue namer

ty for your wisdom great ug


i was thinkin of goin tong po style and kickin the shit outta somethin with it lol

i know some ppl do things like that to deaden the nerves on their shins so they can kick harder with less pain, but does it work with nerves already fucked up?

how about i try one kick on a bag, film it, and then u guys can see a grown man cry like a girl rofl

o wait, we got that with cake (insert fudgewhale gif here)

my leg is all fucked up from a motorcycle accident about 6 years ago.(double compound fracture) i have all sorts of rods and pins in there. i cant feel half of my shin and foot. i also have the same issues with the pins and needles/electricity. so i say go train...

damn, that sounds painful as heck

the pins and needles feeling doesnt bother me much, its just wierd to touch on that outer knob, and then i feel it in the last two toes lol

its those two areas that hurt even if they're thumped that i'd like to get rid of. i'm talkin like bein kicked in the balls type pain, its intense, but its fleeting. say im walking in the grocery store, and a person pushing a shopping cart happens to hit one of those two spots, it immediately drops me and i'd scream. hell, my son kicked the ball at my foot when i wasnt lookin and that shit hurt

its kinda fucked up when a doc says "nothing can be done" maybe i need to seek out a neurologist

i did train alot before the injury too, not mma, just tang so do (sp?) im still very flexible and have insane leg strength (all those years of basketball and bike riding) its amazing my legs have stayed strong through the inactivity, and i havent blown up too bad.

yer not mir are u? dont know if he posts here or not, but i know his leg was jacked in a motorcycle wreck as well a few years back.

i guess we can still hope that soon they can start growin us new body parts to get rid of these SHITTY parts

yes im mir...

hm, now im uncertain if i've been trolled lol

some of the green namers dont use their actual name as their green name (which u know, im the kkm here) and i dont know the names of the newer fighters and non ufc combatants (ufc fanboy, TO THE BONE)

hell, one green namer calls himself corky of all names

whoever you are, BIG props for being a fighter after a break like that

its gonna bug me till i find out who u really are lol

how long did it take you to get full confidence back in your leg? i would love to seriously train, but the first ankle lock i get put in would literally snap the hardened ligaments, with very little pressure.


i found u mike martin?

mmajunkie only lists one martin, but mmamadness lists a few. is there a vid of your fight anywhere? was the fight with thomas anderson before or after your bike accident?