Training with Sciatica(spelling)?

I just started training in MT again and instead of easing my way back into it I picked up where I left off-damaging my Sciatic nerve. My lower back muscles spased out and are super tight-the doctor couldn't even believe how tight they were. I could barely walk or sit for short periods and am pretty much bed ridden right now. Just sneezing can bring me to a knee!

I rarely believe in taking medication but this was one time I made an exception. My question is after I can function again and strengthen up my core/lower back, should I be ok as long as I keep up with excersise.

Yes I did ask the doc but I prefer to get some opinions from someone who might have went threw the same thing. And besides, she's only a doctor, right :)

Go see a physical therapist.

As long as your not a fat bastad, lazy ass, bald white trash load to society, you should be OK after some PT.

I had the same thing, trained, went to sleep, woke up and could barely get out of bed, extremely painful, couldn't feel my foot, etc. I went to some doctors, but what really helped me was three part:

1) good chiropractor
2) good Physical therapist

3) i bought this thing called the total back system, like an antigravity chair, only it locks you by your hips and doesn't hang you by your feet.

Out of all three, number 2 and 3 helped the most. However, i didn't even think about training i was in so much pain, just wasn't worth the possibilty of it getting worse.

if this was a one time thing, then I would say some PT and your good to go. If this is chronic, then you need to find a PT that will not only cure the symptoms but also discover and solve the cause.

I think you need to do 3 things:
1. Train your lower body as a whole to eliminate imbalances: deadlift, squat. No need to go over board, just concentrate on reps and form...start off with air squats if nothing else.
2. Discover the mechanical issue in your legs. For me it was my flat feet that caused a misalingment and made several muscles spasm. It might be your knees.
3. Stretching and Soft Tissue work: Active stretching, throw in the piriformis stretch works well. Might need to break down the spasms with a foam roller beforehand to get any benefit.

Stretching will only alleviate the systems, concentrate on solving the problem.

BTW - Shadow boxing might not be a great idea...throwing knees at air can tweak the sciatic nerve.

Good luck...

Find a good deep tissue massage therapist. Your low back muscles need to be stripped, and allowed to relax. Your sciatica could be caused by a Piriformis muscle spasm. Your piriformis is a small glute muscles that is known for entrapping the sciatic nerve, in the event of this muscle spasming, it puts direct pressure in the nerve.

Here is a link to some piriformis stretches

Physical Therapy - Emphasis on stretching and strengthening the hip rotator muscles

Massage Therapy - Emphasis on muscles relaxing, reducing/removing the pressure on the nerve.

If you want more info send me email

Surgery for me (bulging disc was compressing the sciatic nerve). That surgeon gave me my life back but I still don't send him Christmas cards.

Thanks everyone, I couldn't get that much info out of my doctor!

I am going to my monthly floatation tank session mixed with a infrared suana treatment tommorow. The guy who runs the place said it works wonders on the back.

When I first felt the tightness I made the mistake of stretching it out and going back to the gym that night. I didn't want to miss a class. Unfortunately now I will miss many classes. I just paid my first month tuition and only trained a week :(

"Just sneezing can bring me to a knee!"

I've been there; it's the worst. I once severely fucked up my back and I sneezed while walking to my car and it hurt so bad it buckled my knees. I felt like such a dipshit.

The key for me is stretching regularly and strengthening my lower back muscles. Having a good bed mattress is also really important.

Sciatica put me out of college wrestling permanently. It took 2 years before I figured out what would work for me. Now, I do Yoga and concentrate on stretching my hamstrings, pointing my toes straight forward when I walk and don't cross my legs when I sit.

You gotta loosen up the hamstrings, hips and lower back or you're in for a very rough road ahead.


chiropractic works for me

lots of ab work has helped my lower back A LOT!!!!

Hey shooter, what do you do for a living?

And I didnt compare anything, I simply stated what the emphasis of each care would be. And I stand by what I said.

BTW - I am Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Licensed Massage Therapist, and a Certified Advanced Myoskeletal Therapist under Dr. Erik Dalton. I think I might have a clue what I am talking about. And no offense taken at all, its cool!