Training yourself

Interesting quote by Dan John regarding being your own strength and conditioning coach:

"If you’re training yourself, you’ll tend to know everything you decide to do. You’ll always push yourself exactly as hard as you feel like pushing yourself. You won’t have any gaps in your training because you have no idea what you’re lacking. Finally, you’ll be able to progress and regress easily in your system since your single follower--you--will know what you want, even if it isn’t something you need to do. I hope I painted a picture of mediocrity here."

Truth! I'm a fanatical follower of Mr. John. Sadly, this quote is about most guys in the gym. They think they know how to properly plan or blindly follow a cookie cutter routine from the Internet. 

Dan John knows.

On the flip side, only YOU can improve your game because only YOU can put in the deliberate effort to make changes.  

Some people need to be accountable to a person in charge.  Others don't.  

Certainly, we all need feedback from an expert.  But on a day to day basis...not everyone needs a trainer. And the trainer can only tell you to do what you're supposed to do.  You still have to do it.