TRAITOR CAUGHT Passing Nuclear Submarine Info in Sandwiches

@Cheddar_Man should read this, lol.

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Evil left at work

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Which countries have nuclear submarines?
Only six countries currently have nuclear-powered submarines; the UK, US, China, Russia, India and France.


Can’t imagine any of those countries except the French agreeing to signal from their embassy to help trap this guy

I read a bit of the transcripts, the style and words used has me thinking China. Inserting a CIA agent into an over night cleaning crew or any trade for that matter, (fuck around with power into the place etc.), could have them tell the wannabe spook to look for a light on and curtain open third floor left wing @ 11 pm Wednesday.

This whole thread is making me hungry.


Are you retarded? The UK wouldn’t? Lol ok

France is one of our closest allies by far. Only a complete idiot would go to France and try to do this. I seriously doubt it is France. Unless this guy really is that dumb.

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Hunter Biden and Joe Bidem…“hold my beer!”

I should have been clear but can’t imagine anybody with an iq above room temperature going to the UK in this situation. It would be like going to Canada.

France has a history of commercial espionage against US.

You know how when you see old pictures from past decades/centuries, and people look all mature/distinguished. What the fuck are people from the future going to think when the look back at all these idiot fucking pictures from this time frame? 40 year olds making stupid faces like this and taking pictures of themselves.

oh and they should get the death penalty, but maybe the government will just pay for their gender reassignment and release them like Bradley Manning.

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I’d bet it was the Chinese whom the guy approached and then proceeded to sell out because they wouldn’t trust a white American to do their spying.

And the fact that they’ve probably already stolen all of the submarine schematics that they need.

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Is the FBI as good as actually catching people that do this kind of thing or terrorism as it is at baiting people into it?

I’d imagine about as much baiting as Cinemax got from 15 year old William795! Masturbating. I used to masturbate to Cinemax.

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A lot.

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