Trampolines. LOL!

 You accidentally hit that magical sweet spot that sends you flying through the air like a terrified missile.


 For some reason you assume you can just do a flip even though you've never actually attempted one.


Then you try to show off by pulling off some cool trick you can put online, but you fail miserably.


 You and your pals decide to popcorn each other but that always ends with broken bones and shattered friendships.


 Maybe you could turn it into something sexy? Nope. Not at all.


that one bitch has definitely flipped before, she has decent form and has a drink in hand.

Prolly just drunk and craving cock.

 You decide to get one of those safety nets, only to discover they're not intended to support the weight of a full grown adult soaring through the air.


You try to get your pet involved, but you may have ruined his life because he starts seriously freaking out.


Haha! I love trampolines!  I used to be pretty badass on them as well if I do say so myself  :)

 So you start bringing props into the equation and that never ends well.


Then you figure it's a good idea to jump off something high up onto your trampoline. What could go wrong??


 That went terribly, but what if you get a friend to join you? That way you can split the ambulance ride.


 Beyond any logic you then decide to combine getting injured on the trampoline with getting injured in the pool.


You start to suspect that maybe these things are intended for children and not you.


 But it's too late because now you're bruised, broken, and probably getting mounted by a Golden Retriever.


. Don't worry though, the next time it storms that circle of death is going to be someone else's problem.


I'll give those broads a ride to the hospital.

Need pics of OP bouncing on a trampoline

Holy shIt vtfu Phone Post 3.0

lol what a great thread. Phone Post 3.0