Traning mask picked apart by Dr's on Facebook LOL

ANyone else see training mask ripped apart by actual doctors on facebook? Clearly illustrated how it does not replicate high altitude training at all!

Was quite comical. I feel bad for them because it seems like a legit product and could potentially help, but their marketing standpoint was just asking for this.


Hillary strikes again. Phone Post

Well post that shit up playa?

That was the UG's own, (and resident of my town) Hillary Williams. Phone Post

Post it Phone Post

There's a douche at my gym who wears one. He looks so stupid and thinks he's a badass. I would like to kick him in the stomach.

Damn, That was a pretty nice bum smacking.

Here is the science
This study would indicate its more or less worthless. Myself being an endurance athlete that has competed over the past 15 years in triathlons and other various endurance sports would not endorse it. I have used them, they do make it harder to breathe but as to the actual benefit derived ?? Its highly questionable. I know of no serious endurance athlete that uses them or even thinks they are beneficial. Phone Post

I spoke to a doctor who said pretty much the same thing, surprised how many fighters use it (most aren't sponsored either)

 it worked for bane though! Seriously though just seems like a gimmick.

That is an epic facebook thread.

"Just like all the karate guys in the 80's and 90's had stretching machines so they could do full splits..."

The stretching machines, while not necessary actually accomplished something. The training mask is more or less crafty marketing and doesn't accomplish anything. There's just no sports science to back up the claims any type of breathing device claims, which is to increase cardiovascular capacity. It sounds good and because it really does make it hard to breathe it seems logical to conclude it works, sorry to say it doesn't, I personally think it may even impede in accomplishing maximum cardiovascular capacity. They never did a thing for me and may have actually held me back, that was my honest feeling about them. Phone Post

I was never convinced by it. Phone Post

Interesting Phone Post

i saw some dude hiking up a hill with that thing on, i wanted to ask him " you trane bro? "

Fairly sure there was never any real science that supported it's effectiveness; however that hasn't stopped the production companies marking it as some kind of breakthrough in training.

I'd place this product in the same category as the gut shaking belt. I'd also include the O2 training mask in the same lump of crap until there's a study to prove otherwise.

minus well hold your breath while you trane

thanks pretty entertaining

john joe - i would think the only real benefit is to replicate that horrible exhausted pitch-dark claustrophobia you can get in a hard fight or grapple, and get you really comfortable with being in that situation while hardly able to breathe

my thoughts as well.