Trans pronoun law violates 1st Amendment

The State of California Third District Court of Appeals ruled on Friday that a state statute requiring nursing home staff to use the correct pronouns for trans and nonbinary patients is a freedom of speech violation.

The Court, in a unanimous 3-0 decision, struck down this key provision of the LGBTQ Long-Term Care Facility Residents’ Bill of Rights, created by SB 219 in 2017, authored by Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and sponsored by Equality California.

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Uncommon sense prevails?


The pendulum always swings back.

Hopefully there will be some momentum back into sanity.

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Good. We need to stop e retraining this trans lunacy.

Amazing that California makes sense for once.

This can be true, but there’s also the risk that it doesn’t. Look at how activists have infiltrated almost every institution…why wouldnt you expect them to eventually do the same to the courts? The barrier to entry for being a judge is a lot higher than it is for getting a job at the NY Times or on some school board, but I dont see anything other than time holding them back. 1st amendment precedent is thankfully very strong, but nothing a marxist judge cant work around. Look at some of the DA’s around the country, like in Portland or SF. Now imagine those people as judges.

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It’s almost always true in this country. Live long enough and you see the trend.

The problem isn’t that these types of trends are pendulous, it’s that there tends to be such massive overcorrection that it goes way off the deep end in the other direction.

That’s why I say that in this country, we go guardrail to guardrail, like an out of control vehicle, destined for disaster eventually.

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“…state statute requiring nursing home staff to use the correct pronouns for trans and nonbinary patients…”

This ruling makes it to where they’re not forced to use the incorrect one.

They’ve already infiltrated the courts. See every Obama appointed judge.

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Am I the only one laughing at the Weiner rights act has been shot down?

Dude you of all people should know the barrier for entry to be a judge is not high. They’re elected officials and political appointees.

For those who are convinced I have an intractable position on this issue:

This was the correct ruling.