Now, I admit that I am biased as a huge fan of the series/movie but this game looks really sweet. Gamespot has some really good things to say about it thus far and the trailer on is amazing. Showing a little bit of a battle with Devastator and near the end Optimus Prime's three different modes.

Sounds awesome. Gotta have bumblebee.

Looks good, definitely worth a rental when it comes out.

bumblebee was a notorious homosexual

HOW DARE YOU! Are you serious man?


TFF I demand a response!

Bumblebee did seem to like to have Spike "inside him"....

Is that the real MASK!?

Bumblebee licks all the autobots exhaust pipes and even swallows the oil

lets not say things we can't take back

Free demo for PS2

The Demo or the game itself? Haven't seen any reviews for it.