Transgender Ad

I loved the old thread about the guy that asked why he received gay ads. Then being told it was because of his internet searches

I am straight and never serched tranny trans porn like the OG’ers.
So why this…

I’m sure the “Top Men” are messing with us

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Trans Day Of Visibility Gay GIF


I don’t know why the world is trying to normalize this.


I’m totally with u @ABCTT_PaleAndGangly

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What I don’t get, is that just about everyone you talk to, will agree with this but for some reason, topics of trannies always are being made.

We really need to think about that and make a more conscious effort to not click on threads involving trannies even if it’s something that puts them in a bad light. Don’t share stuff on facebook regarding trannies.

The attention they’re getting does not equate to the % of population they have.


And I totally see the hypocrisy of posting that in this thread lol

But where else is better to get that message across?

I’m getting ads about liver failure and blood treatments. Makin me nervous OG!


I totally agree.
Now our phones are listening to topics we talk about and they pic it up…
Like discussing what to call trans/gay/non binary /gender fluid ppl.
I can’t keep up.

I keep getting ads about penis reduction surgery and counselling for beating up simps.

Maybe it’s a sign.

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I haven’t seen an ad on the internet in years, how do people not use u block origin or ad blocker by now? I think the same thing when people bitch about youtube ads, never see them unless on my xbox


@CrazyPope I’m not a boomer.
I’m 39 in 2 months but ad block and vpn’'s confuse me.
Too many concussion’s and steroids. As well as being a tard with computers

What browser are you using? If you google ublock origin you’ll see a chrome and firefox link show up. If you’re using one those browsers just click the link and add it your browser. Should automatically block ads from here on out. If you’re using internet explorer you should switch, Brave is a really good browser that has ad block built in. Just google it and download it, should just be link any other browser after but without ads and better privacy

Brave is- without a doubt- the best tool ever created for the internet. Brave, Adblock plus and Ghostery extensions, Nord VPN. Never see another ad. All the lib sites I’ve noticed ask to turn off adblocker if I try to read a news article tho.

Because they’re trying and succeeding to increase their population. Listen to the woman who was just on Jordan Peterson’s podcast, it’s terrifying. These creeps are winning the culture war and big tech is silencing their opposition, .01% controls what you see.

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Yup… I wouldn’t be surprised if the powers at be a n this site aim towards these advertisements either.

it’s not “the world”


Yeah, I get strange ads on here now. I get this one on every page. I am not a female looking to puff my lips up, nor do I find that shit remotely attractive and have never searched for anything remotely close to this.

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that broad has itchy balls