Transgender kid in my daughters class

My daughter is 8.

She tells me aftwr school that Charlene is now Charlie and dresses like a boy. Then she asks me how girls become boys. 

We got a letter home explaining that Charlene is gender fluid and for now is going to be Charlie but not to worry as she will use the handicapped washroom.

Why can't kids just be kids anymore?


Call child services and report the parents for mental abuse.

poor GIRL Charlene....hopefully her parents get locked up


hopefully your kid's interaction with that poor GIRL Charlene will be at a minimum


good luck OP

child abuse

I have a niece/nephew going through that at 15. Had to tell my 3 year old how Susie is now Sean. What can you do other than try to be supportive?


10 minutes in and no Fedorfan9000? Shocking 

An 8 year old should not even know that word.

This is child abuse.

This is evil.

tell your daughter to invite all the GIRLS in your class to a sleep over, ice cream, movie, fun night and see if Charlene wants to go

but charlie isn't invited

All I told her was that's that kids business and just treat her with the same respect you would anyone else. Hopefully she doesn't come home with more questions today.

At least they put it in the right bathroom...

I'm 100% ok with adults being trans etc. This is awful, a child can't comprehend what it means to be trans.

I want to hear from the dude who went to the Pride parade recently. What age are the T in LGBTPQQA welcomed in the parade?

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At least they put it in the right bathroom...

I wish I was that clever in school. Fake a gender identity situation and I get my own private spacious bathroom with grunt bars.

Joe O'Brien - Who cares? It's a public school and people can do what they want. God forbid you have to answer questions YOU might find uncomfortable answering. Not their responsibility. Don't like it? Send your kid to a private school where it wouldn't be accommodated.
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I dont know the exact age when going trans is OK, but not 8. An 8 year old does not get ice cream for dinner even if she really likes ice cream, she doesnt get to choose her bedtime, etc. I wanted to be a raccoon when i was a kid, but in hindsight I'd be pissed if my mom said ok and startup raccoon hormone treatment.

The best you can do is raise your kids to be respectful of others whether you as an adult agree with what other adults are teaching their children. Be happy that the school even gave you a heads up. A lot of people with this type of mental issues would be seething at the mouth to sue the school district over some nutty shit like that. I don't agree with maneuvering your child to any sex but what they were born as. Some parents think otherwise without realizing the potential devastating effects this could have on their child. Just try to raise your kids to do and say the right things. Or you could tell them the truth that charlenes parents have mental issues are trying to drag their child down with them. Either way works. 

at fucking 8???????? thats 100% on her parents.

Why don't they just make all names unisex instead of fucking with gender identities? Also if gender fluid why change her name to Charlie?