Transgender Swimmer BANNED

This…kinda wish this shitshow made it to at least the Olympic trials


Nobody is thinking, wow, I want my kid to be a world class competitor in the other gender when they are 10 years old. You still want your kid to be Barry bonds? If you want your kid to be world clas you are going to pump them full of testosterone and not whatever goes into trans people converting.

Boo. Leah is a woman!!! She belongs in the womens race. Anything less is transphobia

That’s a good point, but I could see some failed athlete distraught that Little Billy can’t get on the boy’s swim team and think maybe Billy would do better as a girl. We already see parents have ridiculous high hopes for their athletic children.

I dated a woman who was convinced her 6 year old was going to be Jordan because he was the only kid that could halfway dribble.

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They’re doing just fine, thanks for asking!

So sad…

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Such bullshit.

Men and women are the same when it benefits me but different when it benefits me as well
-western women


If men are inherently bigger stronger and faster than fire and police departments should be 99% men and you don’t have a leg to stand on for discrimination complaints


Good thing a Muslim dude calls the shots, as they are not fond of queer trans shit like this

And seems like a sensible solution to have an Open (freak/trans/mentally ill) division

As evil as trannies are, I actually 100% support them in women’s sports. It’s hilarious. It’s hilarious that women’s sports exist in the first place. This at least makes it interesting and is a good way for people to see how stupid the tranny movement is.


Was ranked 462 as a man, 1 as a woman.

I’ve been reading about it for a while, its made me chuckle, fucken wimpy Karen’s all too scared to say ban the dickless cunt.

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When asked about it Lia was quoted as saying, “what a boner killer”.


flawed logic.

he doesnt “call the sots” - there is a group vote. this had overwhelming support.

Them… Fuck them… Non gende… Oh, fguck it

This is interesting, because it pits two reasonable stances against each other.

Most rational people agree with not allowing trannies who transitioned a year ago from going Macho Man in womens sports.

Most rational people also agree that prepubescent kids shouldn’t be given hormone blockers and allowed to physically transition.

So this new rule change means that MTF trans can only compete with women if they haven’t gone through male puberty (age 12), but at the same time it is unethical as fuck to give little kids hormone blockers to stop them from developing.

I’ll allow it.

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The only issue with the ban is it’s ok if they transition before 12. Which is going to encourage this insanity with young kids.

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