Transgender Swimmer BANNED

had no idea this was the standard in canada;

“But at the national leadership level, there’s not much disagreement with the CCES position which is self-recognition, self-identification, no requirement for medical intervention either hormonal or surgical, and no requirement to disclose.”

Honestly, I feel like if trannies wanna be trannies, there should just be a tranny league. Leave the the fuckers to it.

^if they just shut the fuck up and did not push it on everyone and everything, that would have happened. Now they have waged war on straight people, families, and most importantly, children.


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My aunty went out doing armed robbery at post offices one day. Coppers catched her. When in court it turned out her compadre was actually a tranny. Nobody knew before then. I assume my aunt is is dead these days, she’s a whore bag druggie

They’re waging war against the same ppl that just finished defeating you in a war, female leftists and you’re taking their side

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There is no need. We already have a division for the highest level, it’s called “men’s”. Anyone in question should be able to compete there. But that’s not good enough for them. If they just wanted to participate, that is the answer. But they also want to dominate.

Some guy changed his gender to female on his driver’s license just so he could pay less for car insurance. The car insurance company had to give him the women’s rate.

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