Transgender ‘Women’ BANNED From Competitive Swimming

(At least against biological women)


There is another thread on this you biological homosexual :slight_smile:


The governing body for swimming has restricted transgender athletes from competing in women’s competitions and will create a separate “open” category for those who do not meet the new criteria to race as a female.

FINA members heard from three groups which comprised of independent experts from science and medicine, legal and human rights and an athlete group to determine how much gender played a part in overall performance.

Its report found sex is the “key determinant” of athletic performance with males outperforming females in sports, including aquatics, with the difference between genders emerging from the beginning of puberty.

The experts also determined trans women had a significant advantage over female-born swimmers even after taking hormone-reducing medication.

Right you are.

And it’s biologically transsexual if you don’t mind

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You changed this ^^^ response because you thought this was in Australia and not the FINA article posted in the other thread lol…

You didn’t even read this before posting… well, you didn’t understand it at least.

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I assume the dude is feeling like below imo…


It should be women’s league/division (born woman, no extra testosterone allowed) and everything else.

Let all the trannies compete in the men’s league.


Creating a new division or league for trannies is dumb.



I was watching morning news here in Western Australia and thought it was an Aussie thing

Did a quick search and saw something about Lia Thomas, made a thread about what I thought was a local ruling

Was wrong and edited accordingly

Im so sorry this happened to you - I hope you can find the strength to carry on living

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Well the whole idea is that “Transgender Women ARE women” - so why would they need another division if they’re already women?

Because they have dicks and beards

The term for these people should be‘transgender men’ not transgender women.

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Regardless it doesn’t matter.

Men transitioning to women (or living life as a woman) benefit from having gone through puberty as a male and shouldn’t be able to compete against women.

Women transitioning to men benefit from supplementing testosteron and should t be able to complete against women.

Both should be able to compete against biological males. Why not, neither has an advantage of biological males.

I agree with all that, we agree on this.
I’m saying as a starting point these people should not be called trans women, they are not women and I think it creates a subtle Jedi mind trick to refer to them in that way.
They are men and should be called trans men, for that is what they are men that have trans’d.
Logic v emotion