translated nog and fedor interview



I like Mino, but what the hell is he talking about? There is now way he was just going to take his back.

Unfortunatly for Mino, Fedor has his number.

Noguiera may or may not be full of it, but he's still a warrior the likes of which few people on this board will EVER understand. His list of wins is unreal and his heart, tougness, and skill are unquestionable. Anyone who believes otherwise is simply a blatant BJJ/ Brazilian hatin' troll....Both him and Fedor are incredible.

Nogueira's comments are disappointing. I can't believe he would have wanted to win that way

Thanks alot for doing that. I couldnt grasp (is dared)

"(noguiera shows a tape and then demonstrates on me what would have happened to fedor if he hadn't headbutted him, resulting in a rear naked choke)"

Nog is a legend already, but this much just be a brazilian superiority thing. This attitude makes it hard for fans to cheer for a fighter in my opinion.

Yeah, Fedor, as he was diving in, noticed Nog setting up an arm drag to take his back. So in .04 seconds, Fedor intentionally headbutts Nog to screw up his plans.

It is more than clear to most from the tape, that Fedor Dove in ala Hughes/Castillo. But unlike that incident, it was Nog's quick sit-up that caused the clash of heads.

No one should want to win that way.

"basically, I felt nothing. I felt no pain."

lol, do we really need any more proof of what we already suspected?

But yea, even though Nog is a great fighter, it sounds like Fedor has screwed his head up big time. Fedor comes at Nog with Terminator-like determination when they fight and Mino has trouble coping with it I guess.

Many thnaks pigpen!

I think we all should know by now that it is virtually impossible for a Brazilian to admit that any non-win in the ring/octagon was a fair result. I would die of a heart attack if Nogueira admitted that the headbutt was accidental and that a no-contest was the correct ruling.

what's up with his scrawny arms in the tv pic

I do not doubt that Nog was going for a legit technique when they collided heads. It seems like a really smart technique/strategy to use. But that doesn’t change the fact that the but was unintentional and the bout should be a NC.

Only one thing to do. Set up fight number 3.

I may bet flamed for this, but when I watched the fight it it occurred to me that Fedor might have headbutted Nog on purpose. But since Fedor has never fought dirty before, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

But Nog was doing much better this fight than the first one, even after going to a decision with Sergie. The rematch should be awesome.

well done pigpen.

Crazy, you are crazy. Fedor is a highly inteligent fighter. To try to clash heads on purpose would be idiotic. The Hughes headbut against Casillo you may have an argument, because his head was down.

"thanks. Nog sounds mighty bitter. i hope a third fight happens."

A much as I like both fighters (a bit towards nog because he's brazilian, I must admit), I do agree that nog is bitter as hell. I would have too, if I had gotten in the best shape of my life and things hadn't gone the way I wanted to. Living in Brazil and accomplishing so much by working your ass off, and not getting it when you surely think you would sucks ass big time. Specially when you think what it would be like to be in these great fighter's shoes.

It almost looked like Fedor DID do it on purpose, but he's such a cool guy and has shown to be a very intelligent man as well, that I will too give him the benefit of the doubt.

I still am not sure which of the two to root for.


LOL @ Nog. What a prick. He might as well consider it a win, its as close as he is going to get.

Yeah, it's too bad Mino is bitter.

Fedor's quotes about not feeling pain simply prove he is a cyborg...

i agree with keoni

I don't think it's too far off to think that mino could win it

I can't wait for the third fight

"what's up with his scrawny arms in the tv pic"

I noticed that too.