translated nog and fedor interview

Not to take away from Nog's submission skills, but does anyone think he would have ended it even if he had taken Fedor's back? He had Heath Herring's back multiple times their first fight and never came close to choking him out.

Anyway, Nog just screwed himself with that interview. For Fedor to have done it on purpose, he would have had to know that Nog was going to raise his head before Fedor lunged forward. I highly doubt that. Besides, look at this quote from Nog:

"fedor simply didn't know what I was up to. he didn't realize what I was doing from the bottom."

Oh, so Fedor anticipated you raising your head and therefore the headbutt was intentional? Yet at the same time he had no idea what you were doing from the bottom? WHAT A FUCKING IDIOT!

I can't wait to hear what excuse Mino is going to come up with when Fedor turns his head into a fucking crater on the canvas next fight. That's assuming he does fight him. His answer to the question about another fight sounds a LOT like Rickson's standard "It's up to the promoters" bullshit. I bet you he takes this no-contest as the closest he will ever get to beating Fedor and will never step into the ring with him again.