Translating Names

I've been messing around with the japanese language as of late to try and learn speaking it.
I have a question though.
I do you translate names in other countries to japanese?

For instance,how would you say the name Taylor in japanese?
Being that there is an l before o and an r right at the very end?

Is there an easy way to find out how to do this?


Usually what you do is you just try and fit whatever sounds that are closest to the name phoenetically.

So the name will be written in katakana and will often sound slightly different.

Like Smith-

Su mi su (since there's no th sound)

There isn't usually translation of meaning or anything like that, just a direct phonetic conversion to Japanese syllables.

Did that make any sense?

And as hermeneus wrote, Taylor would be

te ?i ?ra ?a

OK,how would you say Crazyfoo?

Would it be Curazy?
Would you say the letter R like R,or would you say it how they say it?

Well, if you were pronouncing it with the katakana syllables, you would use the 'r' sound of Japanese, that sounds a little between 'r' and 'd' in English.


ku re i ji fu u


I've never realized it before,but Japanese is a sweet language.
It's completely fun to speak,plus the ladies love it.