Transmission pro doing a teardown/inspection...WOW!

Maybe I’m easily impressed, but HOLY FUCK this guy is amazing. He gets a transmission from EBay and tears it down for a rebuild. The way he casually takes shit apart, identifies it, and casually tells you what it’s for and whether it’s in good shape or not is FASCINATING to me:

My favorite YouTube comment - “’I’m an auto mechanic. Took and automatic transmission class at my technical school. I passed with an 85. But it was clear to me in school that I wasn’t gonna be a transmission guy. This guy is a true professional. He can probably put this thing back together like Ironman did that suit in a cave. Respect to transmission professionals.”

I wish i had a depth of knowledge in something practical like that…

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Been watching Richard tear down transmissions for several months now. It’s amazing how much knowledge he has accumulated over decades of work.

Dude, I’m not even a transmission guy and I’m addicted to these videos…

His teardowns are great and he also just seems like a good guy in general. I think its just him, his wife, and his son at his shop in Texas so it’s a small family owned business.

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The fact that humans created something as complex and reliable as the modern automatic transmission is borderline miraculous!

Yeah, that stuff is impressive as hell. I k ow little about engines and trannies (for cars anyway)

I have been watching that channel for a while. I have worked on cars all my life and built several engines but fuck tearing into automatic transmissions. Just way too much shit in there to easily fuck up.

Leave out 1 tiny checkball and it could cause the whole transmission to not function properly or even worse destroy the whole thing. It bottles my mind that people try to build their own transmission and don’t ever check clearances, gaps, pressures, use the wrong gaskets or seals, etc.


When he pointed that our (as he was casually removing ALL the balls with a magnet) I wanted to buy him a beer.

He was so casually pointing out that you could fuck up with the rest of the little balls BUT NOT THAT ONE…

That’s seriously impressive. It’s like those videos of someone butchering a side of beef without pausing, just effortlessly going through it. It’s impressive when someone so thoroughly knows their subject matter.

I don’t know anything as well as he knows transmissions. Good for him

Always been impressed by automatic transmissions, as an old gearhead. Hard to believe they were created so long ago, and widely available since the early 50s.

+1 for being impressed with auto transmissions and the people who can build and fix them.

I rebuilt transmissions for almost 20yrs. I’m almost 3yrs out of doing it (I’m 41 now) and don’t miss it. The only way I’d go back to it is, if I was doing something that interested me, like race car shit. Or I moved far south or west of Michigan. I’ve been watching his channel for maybe 6 months or so. Richard def knows his stuff.

Trannys have gotten more complex, less durable, more expensive, less reliable. It is almost better to buy a new one unless you have a super tranny mechanic

I had the tranny rebuilt in my Camaro by the brother of one of my old neighbors. Probably the same model in the video, and he did the same thing. Super casual teardown and going through it and pulled that check ball and said “this little guy right here is why you want an expert to work on your transmission.” And I have ever since.

AVE on YT is really good for this type of stuff too. Tears down a bunch of tools and stuff, tells you what everything is and why it was used.

Tells you whether or not expensive items like Dyson vacuums are well built or not. I subscribed a few years ago.

I love how he explains something super complicated and then ends it with “it’s real simple”

I used to be that good with Borg Warner T5 transmissions. I could have one out of the car, replace 3rd gear/input shaft/cluster/shift forks and be driving the car out of the shop in about 90 minutes.

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