Transportation: Uber vs Taxi (Infographic)

While it may seem like Uber is the more unsafe option, considering just about anyone could become an Uber driver, statistics show that it is actually more safe to drive alongside Uber. Taxi drivers and Uber drivers thankfully both undergo some form of a background check. It's faster for a person to become Uber certified, however the background check is more extensive. Also, when driving with an Uber you are being tracked and logged. You will receive your drivers name, photo, vehicle information and contact information. While the taxi drivers only record source is a tiny fitted camera. Your location while in the Uber car is also tracked through the phones GPS of both the driver and passenger. Taxi drivers have a hard-wired GPS. On Uber there is a crucial rating system whereas taxis generally have one but it's not as important. Both Ubers and Taxis have insurance.

Price Differences

It depends on where you live and whether or not there is a surge where you are located. Based upon the chart, you can gather that Uber is generally the least expensive route. Something that needs to be kept in mind is that Uber drivers do not get tipped. Their form of tipping is based upon how well you rate them. You can rate them anywhere between 1 and 5 stars. They obviously want to get the highest amount of stars as possible, because they can be fired if they do not receive satisfactory results.

Driver Analysis

This is where most people become skeptical. Taxi cab drivers are specifically trained for driving passengers around whereas the typical Uber driver is voluntary and not as trained. Uber drivers use their own cars to drive passengers around while Taxi drivers use their company car. Uber drivers can decide whenever they want to work, which is especially nice for those who drive as part-time.

The people that use uber as work is fantastic and is a great way to make money but people that use their vehicles as a service to others needs to report their business use to their insurance. If you use your car for transportation for a fee, your insurance company has the legal right to deny any claims on the policy.

Uber Cities

Uber is actually banned in some places. It has had cases of committed crime. For now, Uber is *mainly* only in US states and European countries. While Uber has had criminal issues, it's not like Taxi drivers haven't. It will be impossible for both Uber and Taxi to never have any sort of criminal issues. That's just how our world is today, honestly.

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